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  1. Phase 1 Unboxing CoolerMaster 690II Advanced PSU Sleeving Ready to paint! Painting buttons Ready for assembly and preparation Painting the pump Sleeving hoses Testing the wc Mounting the wc Lighting in stealth mode here are the leds! The audiorithmyc module Phase 2 Fans Sleeving (Start n1gger mode ~ After ~) (End n1gger mode ~ Before) Changing leds colours Sleeving HDD Dock Sleeving Power~Reset Button & Lights Painted again all the white... And paint the inside...(For obsessive maniac, painted on the inside front and top) A Little windows for my fan...?? (thermo) Putting all the respective cables Ordering My little friend with serious mental problems...ahha jk Sleeving the sata And after all the work, i already have finished... And the best part of the worklog... Little text, because the images speak louder than words Sober, Elegant & Prestigious. With a touch of love in the construction of this awesome CoolerMaster's Case Mod. CoolerMaster 690II Advanced Intel DualCore 1.60Ghz@2.11Ghz Corsair 2Gb 800Mhz ATI Radeon 4650 HD Western Digital 320Gb Western Digtal 120Gb CoolerMaster xTreme PowerPlus 500w Mother Asrock Wolfdale1333-D667