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  1. Big update, well... kind of, not really a progress update as much as bits and pieces of yay and huh? lol I guess part one is my mother finally decided to visit, and brought me a bunch of goodies. So of course being the eager beaver I am I set straight to chopping the top of the case up to fit the psu. now the tool I ended up getting from her is some kind of sudo dremel wannabe thing, but came with this neat little paper thin saw blade deal, which i used to cut the square i wanted down to the proper depth, and then I used my handy hunting knife to chisel it out. next up "the hual" my mother also has a habit of hoarding computer parts... there is some stuff in this picture that could go in a museum as far as i'm concerned. one box that I forgot to open until after i took these pics even had a 56k external US Robotics dial-up modem... >.< now here is the reason I'm building myself a new computer... this is going to my grandmother, with the insides of the computer I'm using currently (on loan from my mother) not a bad looking case, which is why i bought it for my mother 4 years ago the insides before I swapped them out... P4 celery 2.00ghz ddr1 ranging from 2100 to 3200 totaling 1.5g of mismatched ram some of which went into something else next in this update. Lanparty NF4 by DFI AMD 3500+ cpu with one working stick of ram lol. (out of the 3 from the other pc) and yes, thats an intel cooler ontop of the cpu tied on with wire everything I got was possibly DOA so I had to rig something up to test it, turns out it works pretty good as is, haha. last pic of the stuff my mom brought over, my old gateway monitor, I've owned this thing for round about 8 years, when i got it, it was busted, I twiddled and fiddled till I got it just about right, the color is still a bit off but it's worked flawlessly for those last 8 years otherwise well it was a good test monitor, and treated me well, but it looks like there is a new contender as of tonight, and if this keeps up I think I'm going to have to rename my mod "Trash to Treasure" I found a 19" acer LCD sitting out by the Garbage shed tonight, works great accept for the exact same problem as the gateway, the color is off ! ha and yes thats ubuntu ultimate fiesty, I haven't gotten around to burning off the newest version to DVD yet. as far as the lcd goes, I'm probably going to tear it down to try to salvage the Cathode inverter board for a LG 22" wide screen that I have stored away currently. which will be my test monitor/ bedroom tv/monitor if it all works together. if not, I have my trusty gateway Behemoth so no big loss At this point I've got it up and running, no hitches. but until I get ahold of a good 15" lcd to install on the "front" of the "amp" this will have to be classified as stage 1 of 2 complete.
  2. story: 3 days ago, I'm taking the garbage out, and find a MegaAmp GL-30B laying on it's back in the hut (Apartment building community garbage) took it home, and hey! it works! 1 problem... I don't own or know how to play a guitar so what to do... the system: -Biostar MCP6P M2+ -AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ -Arctic cooling Freezer CPU fan -3g Corsair value Ram -Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 500-Watt PSU -ASUS brand Nvidia 7300se/7200gs -Sony Optiarc 24x DVDRW SATA -80 WD IDE -X2 Cooler Master R4-L2R-20AR-R1 R4 Series Case Fan 120mm Red LED -CASE: MegaAmp GL-30B **note - this is a slightly slimmed down version of a work-log I started on another Forum, some of you will recognize it so there will be a few bits of info that seem odd for a big intro worklog** a few bits of info: -Basicly on this build so far for tools I've had a hunting knife, a philips head screwdriver, my drill, a stapler, a level, a hot glue gun, wire cutters, a utility knife, and a swiss army plyer/knife/saw thing. -As well as the guitar amp case I've also torn down an old atx case that used to house a PII I've had sitting in my closet for almost 2 years. and thats pretty much it for metal parts except for a few pieces off the amp, which I'm going to use cleverly later. Step 1 Teardown - I didn't really get many pics of the teardown unfortunately, but anyone who has pulled apart a wooden box knows the procedure Step 2 Fitment - This didn't go so well at first, I had ideas, but as you can see by the exposed bit of wood there I didn't really think it through at first, or rather I was thinking too hard about preserving bits I didn't need Step 3 Forget Fitment, Make it work! - At this point I'd decided using the metal back off the case I was sourcing would give me a touch more space, which I sorely needed. I also decided where I wanted to put my power button, which also came from the other case, but looks to me like it fits right in . Looks like Step 3 is going to take a while, I've got a few materials that need cutting and such, which I have to do elsewhere, but in the mean time I decided to fit an old dead cd drive, I haven't decided whether or not to flush mount it or not, if I do I'm going to have to get some paint or something so that it doesn't look like crap around the opening. I forgot to take work pics again, but here's a few of the work i did so far today back plate is cut and covered with black vinyl. Tool of choice for today's cutting... I said I made some noise lol angle grinders make very quick work of the metal put it up near the light to give a better look at it - there are definitely gaps, but I'm working on some ideas to tighten it up. you can also see that I've pulled more vinyl off the front... more clues! from the back, I'll be glad when I get the chance to paint it up some, that grey annoys me. Parts!!! these will look pretty cool where I'm putting them I decided to fit the proper drive just to check it out for looks, also dug out the wood to fit it flush, much better ! that's it for today, I wanted to do more but I'm off to **hopefully** get the results from my girlfriend's Ultrasound today :-D ** btw We're having a girl ** And so begins my clever use of the original front... well clever to me I guess Cutting out a big square hole, close up of the flush mounted sata dvd/cd drive Ok this one fits! onto the next step! ok I admit, once I get rolling on something I kind of forget to take pics... so in order I 1. Cut out for the second fan 2. beveled the front to take the grill I cut 3. decided to use fresh marine vinyl for the front 4. re-used original hardware to bolt the grill on. and test fitted the fans with the new vinyl in place A dark shot, because I love how they look behind the grill Tools used this time around, Power drill with 1/4" bit, pocket knife, scissors and my handy hot glue gun. I still need to get to the painting stage, but for now I figured the mock ups are nice enough to show and whats a worklog without mock-ups Also, once it's done, or at least mostly done since I have a few new plans that will have to wait until after the interior system is built, I will be stealing my girlfriends HD cam to take better pics. pieced it together a bit waiting for the dremmel still and paycheck day to get a can of spray, just one pic this time...