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  1. Evening Lords & Ladies, I need to find out the paint code/ name for the black finish on the Black Widow (Wave Master finish is the same I'm guessing?) as I need to have a silver part resprayed the exact same colour in order for it to match my case. I hope you can help Andy
  2. Having an option for waterblocks in the PSU would mean a dedicated line for WC specific components I believe, and therefore wouldn't be financially feasible. (Lets face it, watercooling is still not a vastly mainstream occurence, and a PSU is a daunting thing to attempt a liquid based cooling solution for, so I cant see the investment being worth it if there isnt going to be a good return) The same can be said for my idea on having the heatsinks isolated from the mainboard in the PSU, as having them soldered to the board makes financial sense during construction. The only purpose I would have liked isolated heatsinks is for the fact I could then replace the stock sinks with waterblocks without having the voltages running into the cooling loop. But that's not in CM's interests as I would be voiding the warranty
  3. Heatsinks that aren't soldered to the board (and therefore live) would be a good addition to the affore mentioned ideas