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  1. I believe that the max size is 140 mm, though I don't know why it isn't listed in the specs.
  2. Well, got some new tubing with a smaller diameter so the tubes fit through the bcak slots and quite happy with it now. I'll still need to get some mounting stuff for the radiator and 2 high CFM fans. I'll let you guys know when I got it mounted.
  3. I'm mounting it externally.. That's why I'm wondering about the sidepanel, it sticks out a bit to the back. I don't think it'll be a problem though, it can bend a bit. There are a lot of things that the new Stacker lacks.. I'm actually thinking that this isn't a Stacker anymore, more the original Stacker's little brother. It lacks the huge space the previous model offering you.
  4. You mean this thing in the red box?: http://tinypic.com/qyh6qh.jpg Won't be a problem, since I'm using a shroud. Though I'm wondering if I can still get the sidepanel on.. Jeez, it's the small things that make this case a problem for watercooling.
  5. I think I'll be satisfied mounting it on the back of my case, I'm looking forward to see the result with your 830 though. Thanks for the tips, I appreciate it. BTW, how are supposed you to bleed with radiator on top but no T-line? I don't have much experience with watercooling, so I might just use this for future reference. http://www.casemodgod.com/Howto-story--12.html I think that that will do, I'll trash that cheapo low CFM black fan included with the Stacker 830 anyway.
  6. To mount the radiator on the fans was way too simple to think of.. lol Now I'm thinking if I should do the inverse ATX thing and keep the radiator inside, or keep it normal and attach the radiator on the back of the case using a shroud. Thanks for the tips.
  7. Something I could consider.. Mounting it on the back 120mm outtake is possible using a shroud or something. However, I'm kinda worried if the backplate would bend because of the tension, rofl. Quite worth the try though.
  8. The Crossflow fan is not included with the Stacker 830, but it's possible to buy this one later and add it in the sidepanel, there are holes in there specifically made for the CFF.
  9. Those are the problems that I'm running into.. I might be able to mount it in the sidepanel, but that means I'll have to cut out the pieces that seperate the whole panel into 4 squares. If it does fit, I'll probably have a problem with the tubes because the sidepanel should be able to open. Mounting it on the bottom is nice too, but requires a dremel. I'm not really fond of cutting in cases, it'd be a permanent mod. Any easy alternatives? I thought of something, but I'll draw it out later in Paint so I won't be confusing you with crazy explanations.
  10. Hey, I was wondering if anyone has a watercooling setup placed in the Stacker 830. I have one my own, but still running into some problems with mounting my Black Ice Pro II radiator (internally). Anyone prepared to give me some inspiration in mounting my radiator? Thanks in advance.