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  1. I just wanted say good luck to everyone that participate in the competition. So many awesome mods, I have watched them all. Thanks again for letting me join in with my first mod. And again good job on all the mods
  2. Well this is my final log for my HAF mod. As of today it is complete. I am not that great at taking pictures or editing them (if I ever do), I hope that you enjoyed the last few months of my build and I hope the pictures did not turn out as bad as I thought.. If you couldn't tell I learned a lot while modding my case and hope someones learned at least one thing from one of my mistakes I will try to make these last pictures as good as I can and thank you all for you comments and encouraging posts through this thread. So on to photos, as always feel free to post and comment. Enjoy. Here is a shot of the front with the side panels open. The front view. You can see the front where I moved the eject button off the DVD to make it a stealth drive Here is the top IO panel. You can see that I painted all the indented lettering that was black. I also painted the symbol on the top and it flush and smooth. I painted the power and reset to match the theme of the rest of case. I also changed out the leds from red to what is suppose to be yellow (I have been through more than three different vendors, and they all seem to amber). A closer view of the Top IO panel. Here you can see the top of the case that I painted with the lines following the sode panel and continuing on, The side panel where cut in the window and added my case name and symbol. I chose a transparent charcoal acrylic instead of a clear one for a smoked look. You can also see what I will from the side. Here is a view of the other side panel where I painted a large bio-hazard symbol. All the stencils I made to be able to give me a wider variety of sizes (plus I never knew they sold stencils like this, I still would have made my own though). A rear view of the side. On the front lower bezel I removed the bars that ran from side to side over the intake fan and also painted on the bio-hazard symbol. The back of the case is what started the theme to this mod. I bought the fan grill which was an all gloss black, and and went through a few paint jobs. I also painted and added a cover to the back grommets. I changed the back thumbscrews from stock silver to a flat round type and painted them. The IO Panel was also painted to match the theme. A full view of the rear. The inside view of the case. My adventure into modding happened because the Haf922 does not have the interior painted. That was the only thing I planned on doing and once I got started and got carried away. Here you can see that I added a cover for the wire coming from my non-modular psu. Beside that I added a bottom intake fan and painted a 120mm chrome grill yellow. I also made a custom screen to go below and filter out the wife's hair. Here you get a bird eye view of the bottom fan. Here is a close up of the 3 1/2 inch bays that I painted the indented Cooler Master lettering. I also learned a new easier way of doing the lettering through this thread (thanks TheLastPriest). A photo of the inside of the case. I tried to hide all the wire I could, which is the reason I made the name plate in the middle of the case. This hides the wire going from the back to the front section of the case. A close up (and different angle) of the inside of the case to see the wire management. Of course you can see the sata cables coming off the DVD player and the video card, and of course the 24 pin atx (sad job I know). Here you can see the cold cathode on the panel. The wire that connects to this is hanging onto the upper drive bays. In this photo I have the back panel on to show how dark it gets. I figured I would show the back of the motherboard tray. I tried my best to keep everything neat and tidy with my current power supply. I thought about cutting off what I did need, but I decided I would probably need those later on for future upgrades to drives and such. So I had to make do. You can also see the back side of the acrylic I used to cover that big bundle of wire. A close up view of the CPU cooler. I could not do anything with the cooler or I would have voided the warranty, so I added a self adhesive aluminum badge I had which is easily removable without leaving any remnants behind in case something should happen to it. A last view of both panels. You can see in nicely with the interior lights on. A better view of inside the case. I hope you all enjoyed this mod, as it was my first one and I enjoyed my time building this immensely. Thanks again to the people that followed me through my process of trial and error. * This Worklog post was generated using WorklogCreator - Version: * Free Download: http://www.mod2software.com/worklogcreator/worklogcreator.zip
  3. Here is another log as I mentioned earlier I am playing catch up on them. So I am trying to keep this build as clean as possible, but there is this bundle of wire that I have running in plain view, as you can see in the red circle. This is of course is because the use of a non modular power supply. I tried, but could not fit it into my budget for this build. Oh well we make do. These are my 3mm LED holders that I will be using. They where standard silver and needed some color. Primed and painted. So I decided I needed to make something to block the view of that bundle of wire and I had some left over black acrylic (Im lucky I bought some extra long ago, and I never throw out scraps...thanks to CattleRustler on that tip) I laid out for some extra LED's to go in also where I thought it might look nice. I was going to go with five, but decided that it might be to much, and I can also add instead of being stuck with a hole if it did not fit into the look. So I drilled in my holes to fit the LED holders and trimmed off the extra lenght, The next step was to make my stencil. I can never do anything simple and just use a blank piece of plexi. I printed out what I wanted and the size to fit. I used my old solder gun tor the name to give it a abused look and cut out the symbol. This is what it looks like once done cutting. Attached it to the acrylic. The look before painting. As always, multiply light coats. All done and dry. The lettering came out a little rougher than I thought. But I will be fixing that. Wet sanded down to a smooth finish. Clear coated it. Installed the LED holders. Looks pretty good. We shall see once it is in. Time to for some wiring. Cut my length foe what I needed. Test fit the length. I also double check, I do make plenty of mistake and try my best to avoid them. Soldered the switch on. You didn't really want to see me do it again did you? Hot glued the LED's in, A view of the front. Soldering the led's together. Attaching it to my wire harness I made. Inside view of it mounted. The finished view of what I like to call my Wire Blocker * This Worklog post was generated using WorklogCreator - Version: * Free Download: http://www.mod2software.com/worklogcreator/worklogcreator.zip
  4. I needed to add a couple switches for the lighting in the case. The cold cathode came with one, but it was an ugly red push button on the took a whole pci slot, and I had to replace it. I have pictures of it to show later on. But I figured I would start this early to give them time to cure after painting before installing them. So taped up and primed. I had to paint the nuts that went on the inside of the case, could not have silver anywhere of course. I taped off the top after the primer dried, and painted the rest of the switch black. Here you can see the switches primed once I removed the tape, and also the nuts are painted now. Taped up what I did not want painted of course. And gave them a few coats of paint, and also a coat of clear to add some durability so they wont chip. While the paint was drying, time to lay out where I wanted the switches positioned. Drilled my pilot holes. Drilled out to 5/32" to easily fit my switches. Test fit, but look at that, they are off, my shaky hands do not help when drilling. I really need to buy a drill press, even just a cheap one. I needed to redo them, as I was not happy and I did not want to try using the same one. So again this time I measure and measured and measured. This time it came out nice. A little off, but still good where the can be adjust to line up. So after all is done, The switches look nice and bright and had a day to fully dry. This is what they ended up looking like. I went with the yellow and black. They looked much nicer. There is the switch that came with the kit. Can you say "UGLY". I can and that is why it can not be used. Here is a look at the full wiring harness that came with the kit. the tape is labeled for my own sake, just so I wouldn't forget something once I cut it up. This is what I will be using to replace and extend the harness to fit my needs. Test fitting my length. Here you can see it out the back where the switches will be. Pulled out the solder station and got to work. Extended the wiring. Heat-shrink. The finished extended wiring. Attached the switch, getting ready to solder. All soldered, I went from this.... To this. I think it is much better, plus it fits the way I wanted it to. This is the color of the enclosure that came in the kit. Who actually thinks this color will work in a case must be high or something. This is the control for the cold cathode, which I removed to paint the case. All primed up and ready for paint. I used regular primer and took it slow. First coat of paint. Since I did not have any plastic paint I just did light coats. I forgot to take pictures of taping off and painting the stripes. But I did just as I did earlier. Lights coats, and some wet sanding untill I was happy with the results. This guy would not move off my table, I had to actually pick him up and move him. Then he hung around and watched me, Finished and dry read to go in. I did not paint the inside as you wont see it, just a look at that wonderful some color blue. The board back in. All back together and ready to go. These are the lights, I laid out where I wanted them. Then sleeved them up. All sleeved up and I am using double sided tape to attach the lights and the control. The cold cathodes in place. I tried other locations and this seemed to give the best lighting effect. I will have pics later on in the finally log with the lights on. * This Worklog post was generated using WorklogCreator - Version: * Free Download: http://www.mod2software.com/worklogcreator/worklogcreator.zip
  5. This is where I left off. I needed to install the eject button somewhere. So I found the center on the faceplate, and cut out a hole. I had to also give the back locking nut a coat of black paint as it would have shown the silver through the faceplate, The button installed. I placed it under the DVD player for easy accessibility. Here you can see where I need to stealth the DVD player, It looks like such an eyesore with the rest of the build. Cooler Master could probably make a few bucks if they sold an option to stealth your drive. I pulled out a few tools to see what I was going to cut it with. Nothing would work as easy as I thought, maybe if I had a nice set of tin snips it would've been used. but back to old faithful. Busted out the rotary tool and cut off the edge of the drive insert. Here is a side view (the one in the middle) of what is left of the drive insert. You can see the new thickness. Next I needed to figure out how to attached it. I tried some self adhesive black foam but it would fit correctly with the full piece. I missed a few steps here, but I'll tell you what I did. I took the original screen material and cut out where the DVD player drive would come out. Then I used some adhesive to stick it the mesh. You can see in the pic where this spot is. I tried then to add some adhesives to the foam backing I put on the drive faceplate. The adhesive gave it an off white once it dried, so don't try this at home, waste of time. I removed the long strip of foam you see there and cleaned it back up. Now what I did that worked much better was, I cut off two small pieces of double sided tape and positioned them onto the DVD drawer faceplate, about one inch in from the sides to avoid the curve of the mesh. I did not want it to stick out at all. The piece of screen that I cut out earlier I used again to give a darker look so you could not see the drawer. Everything stuck together perfect, this is the easiest way to connect the drawer I had tried. Here it is all done and installed. You can see it here attached. Here we go to test it again to make sure all the connections are still good, and the faceplate is good and tight. And she opens. Here is a side view of the tray (I actually got lucky, the drawer was already black and I did not have to remove it to paint). A view of the side now that I am done with the DVD player. A few more things to go and Ill be done. I will make my deadline Hope you all enjoyed and if you have any comments or questions please let me know. * This Worklog post was generated using WorklogCreator - Version: * Free Download: http://www.mod2software.com/worklogcreator/worklogcreator.zip
  6. I am using a DVD player that I pulled from my previous rig. I put it in the drive bay and I could see silver. So I decided I needed to paint the DVD case at least black so it would not stand out in the case. Disassembled the dvd drive. Brought it to my paint area, taped it and scuffed it up. Laid down a primer, Backside needed to be done, I used the same primer on the plastic as I did for the metal. I used light coats as I did not want to screw something so easy up. Gave it a nice little wet sanding. All dry ready for some paint. Painted a few coats Then gave it a light clear coat. Onto the screws. I did not have any black screws on hand that would replace the current thread, so of course they need some color. Painted and cleared. Let it dry overnight before working on the inside. Now it is time to wire for the Eject button. I want to make this a stealth drive, and Doing that I needed to move the button to a different location. So I grabbed together what I needed for parts. Moved the board out of the way. Drilled out my two holes I needed to run the wires to the back. You can see the holes on the right side. The one in the back is easier to see, and straight above that is the one to the button location. You can see how I ran the wires up. This is where it will come out the back. The wires will be connected to the board here. All soldered up. Attached to my button that I painted earlier and decided not to use. But I will be using it for this now. Open. Close. My next update will have the stealth drive done, and DVD player installed. Hope you enjoyed. * This Worklog post was generated using WorklogCreator - Version: * Free Download: http://www.mod2software.com/worklogcreator/worklogcreator.zip
  7. A little update on what I received. Still short a few pieces which I acquired from my previous build. IF I am lucky I will be lucky to get something hopefully soon, if not I'll still be satisfied for the time being. Received a package, superb handling again by UPS. There was no damage at all on the outside or inside of the processor box. I also took my first plunge into watercooling. After rebate this will only cost about $50.00. Not bad at all I think. Here is a view of out of the box. Today's delivery made it here damage free. So far the components of my build, * This Worklog post was generated using WorklogCreator - Version: * Free Download: http://www.mod2software.com/worklogcreator/worklogcreator.zip
  8. Looking at the back IO Panel and it just wouldn't look right to just put this in, there would be an interruption in the flow of things. This would stand out (plus it looked awful when I put it in). So it needed some work. Gave it a scuff, just for good measure. I gave a very light prime as I did not want the vinyl that was on to peel off. (It separated the usb ports) Also had to do the back, I couldn't have something silver looking in there. All primed up and ready for tape. And I cannot find the pics of the panel taped up. I spent awhile and made a test IO panel to make sure I like it before I painted it. I can not find any pics of painting for some reason, but I painted the back first and forgot to tape up the holes so I had some overspray that needed fixing. After repainting the back. And here is the front view of the IO Panel. Different view. IO Panel installed. And another so you can see it. Hope you enjoyed my small update. * This Worklog post was generated using WorklogCreator - Version: * Free Download: http://www.mod2software.com/worklogcreator/worklogcreator.zip
  9. This is my temporary case I have been using. I had this for 7 years, and the thing has held up good, even with two kids abusing it. It has been passed through everyone at least once, and finally back to me. This will be my next project I do for the wife when mine is done. Enough of memory lane. Jeesh look at that dust I needed to reuse some of the components that are housed in here. I have a 5850 that I planned on using, but I also need a power supply and a harddrive. So I needed to do some work. The power supply has blue leds in it, and I of course can not have that. I was going to just get rid of all the leds and, but decided to put some small 3mm yellow in there, just for a soft glow. So I broke the seal (good bye warrantry) and pulled the fan out. I really struggled getting these leds out...they must have known they where doomed. They fought me every inch of the way. I tried everything, nothing worked, except Some Gentle Persuasion with a screw driver. Luckily I did'nt need them for anything. Soldering on the 3 mm yellow leds. Made sure I used some heatshrink to cover any of my mistakes with soldering. All done getting ready to install the leds back in. Had to use the glue gun to position the leds as the where smaller the the hole. Once done, tested it all to make sure I didn't screw anything up. You can barely see the yellow leds, they are brighter actually but I cannot turn off the flash on the camera (ever). But they give a soft glow, and that is all I wanted. Back together, and working. Now I need to start some sleeving tonight. * This Worklog post was generated using WorklogCreator - Version: * Free Download: http://www.mod2software.com/worklogcreator/worklogcreator.zip
  10. Thanks pcjunkie. I learned that also When I first got my case my whole plan (and only plan) was to paint the interior and just swap components out. But I got carried away and my mod just evolved. I have learned alot from this case, and I believe I will be prepared for my next mod with a better plan of attack.
  11. I test fitted the motherboard that arrived. My camera does not like me, as there is no way to turn off the flash since the lcd screen is broke. So please bear with me on some of these pictures. I wish I would have planned ahead, but most that has been done has been an afterthought. Being my first mod, I did not make any cuts before painting, so every time I do something I need to correct my errors as I go. I decided I needed some more wire management holes, as I did not the wires to be seen to much. So I laid out where I wanted to cut. I'm going to be making three more hole for this. Found where I wanted to drill, and used my center punch. This punch is much easier then my old ones, no extra tool needed. I would've ended smashing something if I needed a hammer. Drilled out the holes. Then cut out with my rotary tool. Filed it down, and the cutting left some heat marks, Cant really tell from a distance, so I figured I would try the easy way first hoping it surface scuff. Busted out the rubbing compound and wax and hoped for the best. By this time it was after dinner, and past sunset so I had to rely on a single lamp for light. I put my molding on. Here to. Then filled it with a foam backing. I knew by now I was screwed. It looked like crap to me and I couldn't have it. I knew I was going to have to redo it the next day, so I decided I wanted to see how the bottom would come out. With the lip on the hole, I could not keep the molding looking good. So at least I knew what I needed to do the next day. Stripped out the bottom grommet. You can't see the mess from a distance, but my head is going to be in that case...so enough said. Preparing to cut the lip off. I actually got an action shot for you all....one handed cutting Test fit my molding. Which fit much better. I now know that if there is a hole there, don't think you won't have to do any work to it. Live and learn. Looks kind of rough, but once I put the trim and foam on it will not be seen. Now to fix I late night mistakes. A little painting. Yea, I cheating and only doing the one spot. I came out lighter than the rest, but I'm not done yet. I will fix my mistakes. Gave it a nice wet sand. I forgot to take a picture, but I did a very light coat of clear then another light sand. Then onto the rubbing compound...again. Then the wax...again. Much better. A closer look at the repair. Also the bottom wire management hole looks much cleaner to me. The molding sits much better without the lip, as it should. A view of all of them. Test fitting the motherboard again. Looks much better. A larger view to see. You can see all wire management holes. I am happy with the way the fix came out. Just wish I thought ahead. But hindsight is great. Lost a couple days because my impatience on my build, luckily I still have two weeks left. Still have components coming, and still to tear some out of my current rig. But I am happy with the way it is turning out. Mistakes and all. Hope you enjoy. * This Worklog post was generated using WorklogCreator - Version: * Free Download: http://www.mod2software.com/worklogcreator/worklogcreator.zip
  12. Small update of some components I had arrive. Hoping for another delivery tomorrow which means I need to start hustling alittle on the interior. Some parts arrived. Even though I planned to recycle my older components, I decided that I would upgrade some components and reuse a few pieces that I can't afford guite yet. After some time of saving up for some parts, I decided to try to get as much as I could. So I kept an eye out for deals and get them when the price where good. As you can see, new motherboard. Not the high end, but for my purpuses for the build, I think it will be good until I pass it down to my wife in my hand me down computer upgrades. Kids being last, and depending on the schoolwork and behavior who gets what. Some DDR3 1600 memory. Both together. Sorry crappy pic, the flash is out of my control. Well at least you can see what it is. The new and first SSD that Im going to use as my boot drive. * This Worklog post was generated using WorklogCreator - Version: * Free Download: http://www.mod2software.com/worklogcrea ... reator.zip
  13. Well here is a small update. But this update has the completed (almost) outside of the chassis. I still have a few small things left, but they are not part of the case. Hope you enjoy. Front View. Still need to work on the DVD eject button and stealth drive. Top IO Panel is completed. Windowed Panel. Still have things I want to try out, but nothing on the outside. Back of case is done, Have one last thing to finish, but not part of the case. Mobo side. All done. * This Worklog post was generated using WorklogCreator - Version: * Free Download: http://www.mod2software.com/worklogcrea ... reator.zip
  14. I needed to finish the back 120mm fan grill so I could start attaching fans. I did not like how this came out in the beginning (it was probably the first piece I painted for the mod) and did not even know if I would use it. But this actually being the piece that started the whole theme, I decided to give it another go, since it seems like a long time since I first painted this. So I scuffed down the yellow and gave it a light sanding and taped it back up. Prime the center. Let it dry. Hung it up and gave it a few coats of semi gloss. Let it dry, and then let it sit for a day to cure some while I did other things. I needed some hardware for the fans and I had some socket cap bolts and nyloc nuts just needed some color. So I scuffed them down. Primed and painted them. This is what turned out. They where a little long so I needed to shorten them. I only wanted about 1/4" sticking out beyond the nuts. Next I wanted to add some u-channel to give it some extra sound dampening. Busted out my handy heat gun to get the corners to where I wanted them. Fit nice, The gun makes it easier to for to a tighter angle as you can see. The finished rear fan. The inside view of the fan. Here is the front view of the fan. You can see I used the yellow bolts. You can see here I used black nuts as I thought it looked better this way. Not a huge update, just another thing done. Hope you enjoyed it. * This Worklog post was generated using WorklogCreator - Version: * Free Download: http://www.mod2software.com/worklogcrea ... reator.zip
  15. Had to check out your build. Nice job Im going to be watching your progress.
  16. Thanks pcjunkie. Hoping to get another log up this weekend or tomorrow.
  17. So I wanted to do something with the reset and led button. So I used some that I bought awhile back. I was going to try yellow on black, but changed my mind before paiting. I primed them up, and gave them a nice sanding and then a painted them black. Once the paint dried, time to lay out the lines. Close up, Light sand, then paint the lines. All painted. Removed the tape. I tried two different layouts...easy enough to redo, But it was not meant to be. Well I has to do something with reset and led button since it was decided upon that the buttons I just sprayed would be to intrusive on the top. So I still stuck with the same theme, just used it on the existing buttons. Off with the tape. They look pretty good, Better than I thought. You can see the outline of where the larger buttons would be, over the reset button. So what to do with the buttons? Well I need one for the DVD eject button. Just trying to see if it would look good on the bezel, I told it looks good, but I have my doubts with the upper case badge. Here is a larger view. What do you all think? The wife says to keep it, I just havent decided. I will be stealthing the drive, and a button here would be easy to access. I needed to do something with the fans, The labels are bad, and the black is well just black. So I cut out some of my stencil material to fit both fans. Sanded down to make it smooth then painted. The finished circle. This one I wasnt going to sleeve all the way up, and I was not going to use electrical tape. So I cut out another piece, and sprayed it. Nice and covered. I used the same adhesive that I use when I do regualr stencils. Just an extra coat, and it is a nice glue. I had to do something with the chrome grill. Cant have something silver in there. So I hung it up, prime it, a few coats of yellow, and a clear for durability. And this is what I have. All the pieces together. This will go in the bottom of the case, to bring in some extra air. On the bottom is my screen, then fan and grill. I have some bolts and nuts to be painted before I can install this. * This Worklog post was generated using WorklogCreator - Version: * Free Download: http://www.mod2software.com/worklogcrea ... reator.zip
  18. Here is the other morning, probadly a little after 6 am. A few minutes later. It went from bad to good in minutes. At least it did not rain on me. So I had some left over black acrylic from another build I am working on and I decided I wanted to put it to use. Any ideas? I laid out what I need and got ready to trim this up. Cutting in my little cardboard paint and cut booth. Cuts are good for now. Ready for some bending. Making it straight. As you can see, I am making do with what I have for tools. Took my time, And I come up with this? Well I was going to do a test piece before, and decided just to do it. So I need to chop off some of one side. Back to cutting...left a little extra on to try out something. I bust out my old belt sand and rip it up. Actually wasn't to bad. Sanding the edges to a smooth finish. And now you can see that I also cut out a hole for something. So did you guess it? A wire cover. I figured if the Haf-X people can have one, I can have one too, albeit a smaller size. You can see where the wires will go through. A better view. And a closer one. Something looks off to me. For it its seems an inch to long and about a half inch to high. It just did not look right, to much room around the psu. So I set up to bend again. making sure I mark the right spot and side. Never know with me. But instead of doing the wrong side. I broke it, I was done, but it wasn't staight. It need a 1/4 in from the bottom. And of course, I snapped it, I cut off the bottom previously, that did not break. Off to JB Weld. Let it dry for the four hours. Then sanded it down, Made it nice and smooth, but still some small irregularities. You can see them to the right top side. Back to painting. A nice semi gloss look. Back to where I should have been hours ago. Another angle, came out nice. Now to lay out where the name and symbol will go and what size. Did not like this either, Symbol was a little small for what I wanted. Still a no go. Ok this is the one. Unanimous vote. (The wife and I.) Taped and painted. More coats on the symbol, less on the name. Not bad. I like it. Thinking this will look good in the case. Here you can see the cables out the front. Here they are going out the side. Look straight in. Cant see them, except the other side. This was a fun little project. Made a nice looking wire cover from some left over material. Even with the break, I still enjoyed making it. And I am glad I did not just throw it out like I was thinking of doing once it snapped. * This Worklog post was generated using WorklogCreator - Version: * Free Download: http://www.mod2software.com/worklogcrea ... reator.zip
  19. This is what I used to do the small lettering through out my mod. Here are the 3.5 Drive Bays completed, The 5.5 Drive Bay Tool-less buttons. A larger view. Here is the Front IO Panel lettering. It looks much better then just the indented black. Top view, you can see the top buttons better here, Well since I looked at it, I needed to do the same as I did to the front bezel, to continue the effect.. So off to taping again. Getting ready for action Of course I needed coffee when Im doing this. Here is how the IO panel came out. With the power button in. Sanding down some thumbscrews to prepare for painting. And yes that is the mesh from the side panel. A few coats lightly sprayed. (I forgot to tak of a pic of it being primed...ah well it was a gray beforehand) Closer look. I just like this picture. Even the backside had to be done. All done. Waiting on their entrance to the case later on. Before with stock thumbscrews. (yes I know it is dirty, it is still outside in my workarea) After...looks better..need to get a better pic still. Making something for the inside of the case....Ill show more later when Im closer to being done with it. And finally a look at the semi- finished pieces. A few touch ups here and there...it might look close, but there is still plenty more to do...I have like 2 pages of things Im still trying to finish. Hope you all enjoyed it, more to come!! * This Worklog post was generated using WorklogCreator - Version: * Free Download: http://www.mod2software.com/worklogcrea ... reator.zip
  20. Making stencil for my case name. I used an old soldering iron to cut out the letters, as I was not looking for a perfect crisp lettering, was looking for something different. Cutting out the symbol to go under the case name. After I cut out the symbol I sanded down the edges. Spent like a hour doing it. Panel is all papered up and waiting for her title. First coat is light on the name and heavier on the symbol. Another coat. The case name comes bursting out Well there was some light peeling on the edges, that weren't quite dry yet.. So I covered up and gave it a quick shot. Sanded down, now for a few coats of clear. Closer shot of my sanding job. Here is the finished look. She finally has her named inked on her:) I have more that I am building on now. Hopefully I can get some more on here soon. * This Worklog post was generated using WorklogCreator - Version: * Free Download: http://www.mod2software.com/worklogcrea ... reator.zip
  21. Here is the front Bezel that I will be working on in this update. You all know what it looks like, but I did not like the lower intake area. So I laid out where I wanted to cut, made sure I was not to close bezel. Used my stencil and adhesive on front mesh and taped it up. Flipped it over and taped it. Here is some of the stencils I made, saved them all along with the male part of them in case of a future need. This is the completed job on the mesh, Put back in the front bezel. So I seem to like to put things in the wrong place. Not this time....I made me a square, scuffed it up so the badge adhesive would stick and perfect centerline....and if I put it in upside down, im still safe on this one There she goes.. And it sticks. Here is the badge in place, A look at the front bezel. I wanted to cut down on the frontal light. The red 5mm where really bright with the bezels intact, so I decided I would go with 3mm yellow ones. The 3mm yellow leds installed. and a look at night. Added a little extra light so you could see the fan not just the lights. I love this bit, makes life easier. Drilling the front fan holes to a 1/4" Will be putting in the bushing to reduce sound from the front fan. In and In. well four actually, but think you get the point. So after all that, it just didn't look complete. So off I go to taping the front bezel/ Making sure I get the tape into the small crevices. Done....only took me about 2 to 3 cups of coffee to tape this up. Off we go to painting again. Tape off and looking good. Some test fits Another And another And a last one. So we talk about the lettering and it needed something, still not happy. Here is one of the Drive Inserts. Here is is after a couple coats of paint, without the outline painted. Here is the Top IO before painting the lettering. Here is the front after a few coat of paint. Here is the top. My camera really sucks, these came out really well. The right hand corner when the leds are located have a lightning symbol and a hard drive symbol. I wa amazed at how well these came out. Just another one full view. I am going to try for some better shots later on. * This Worklog post was generated using WorklogCreator - Version: * Free Download: http://www.mod2software.com/worklogcrea ... reator.zip
  22. Once I did the sides, it did not look quite right. So I decided to continual my pattern to the top. I had to make sure that I painted the edges of the top to keep the flow going. I also decided I need to enhance the black lines, so I covered my yellow lines up with tape and used a semi-gloss black. A little touch up on some over spray, then finally removed all the tape. This is what it looked like once I was done painting. So we move on to the top panel that I painted a few days before. I thought it looked good but wanted to see what it would look like with cuation lines. This of course was a big failure!!! I couldn't stand it. So off it came. Once cleaned up again, I was happy with the original design. Threw it on to see the outcome. Looks pretty good in my eyes. Just a different view. I laid the side panel next to it for a better view. Another shot at a different angle. Leaned the front panel just for a reference for myself. I thought it needed something. And the wife suggested.... Paint the border of the front connectors. Put back in the rest of the connectors. Not sure if I am done with this front yet. * This Worklog post was generated using WorklogCreator - Version: * Free Download: http://www.mod2software.com/worklogcrea ... reator.zip
  23. Well I am trying a different way of doing my designs. In my other mod, I tried all different ways of painting and trying to stop bleeding and general mistakes. I bought some stencil material and some adhesive from our local craft store and its really working pretty good. Until I find a better way. Currently trying to get the wife to get me an airbrush kit for my birthday, at least it gives me time to work her till that day. Laid out in potion and all edges staying down. If you haven't noticed the arrow on the panel, it is there to keep me from putting it upside down. I did that by accident and had to strip it all down and do it again, then I almost put the stencil on again upside down....hence the arrow for my old brain to focus on. So this is what I ended up doing. I thought it looked kinda bare, so I thought I would enhance it. At this point I was still using standard vinyl floor warning tape. I tried adding more to the design and didn't like it. Also I did not like the look of the off yellow on the tape and decided I would paint the stripes on to get a more uniform look. Back to more of my current pastime, sanding. I seem to sand more than anything, at least I have to option to fix my mistakes. After a long time of trying to remove the left over glue (used rubbing alcohol, actually wasn't bad) I am finally back to work. I still thought I needed an outline so I made it thinner for the paint job and laid out. Painted the black on the box first and once it dried I laid out my black lines. Painted the black lines and laid out more tape when it was dry. Time for the yellow paint. Some over spray as always, after a light sand I laid out some more tape and took care of it. I realized writing this. I use a lot of Tape.. Sanded and removing the 20 layers of tape.....really it was like 2 but in every direction, just seemed like a lot. He is the finished product. I think it is a nicer color instead of the orangish yellow. Different view. Of course I needed to redo the window side. Off with the vinyl tape and painted my stripes. He you can see the smoke transparent acrylic, I cannot find the pictures of the window cutout but I am sure you all have seen it numerous times by now. * This Worklog post was generated using WorklogCreator - Version: * Free Download: http://www.mod2software.com/worklogcrea ... reator.zip
  24. Here is my first mod. I finally broke down and bought a new case. I have been using my CM Caviler since 2004 and I have been looking at cases for awhile and this had everything I wanted, including amenities for future expansions. The only thing I was going to do when the case arrived was paint the interior, back, and the bottom. I just wanted to get rid of the gray. Once I started working, I was having to much fun to stop. I also started working on one of my kids cases also. I'm having fun modding, and it helps me stay sane and the wife likes me doing it, probadly cause it keeps me occupied outside. I am glad that I was able to enter, I have seen many of your (contestants) work and it is all incredible work. Mine is not incredible, but as I said I enjoy what I am doing and figured I might as well join in with you all and see how it goes. Good luck to everyone. (P.S. My pictures in the next few updates are not the best. My camera broke and I had to use a crappy camera. As of today I finally got my canon semi working, just no lcd screen (that's still broke). But I can take them old school, just like before we had digital cameras. But at least I can say that pics from today and on pics will be better quality.) Opened it up to get started and take a closer look at it. Crappy pic (was still getting use to pos camera) but you get the jist of it. I did not like the side vents, so I would do something with that. So this side of the case is to plain for my taste, going to need some work also. I couldn't stand looking at the inside of the case. Needed some fixing. The back of course needed help, can stand not uniform colors. To plain for me inside, will color the fan blades and change out the thumbscrews. Striped down. Taped and ready for action! As you can see, I did not take pictures of in between. The reason was, this was my first paint job and I actually had no issues painting it. Of course once it was painted I decided I needed to cut out the current fan mesh in the front and back. Inside is my little custom screen for the bottom vent. Sleeved up to the front panel. My heat gun somehow broke, lost low heat and melted the clips for the switch, I was able to fix it with some hot glue, back to good. Cut out for the 120mm exhaust fan. Cut out for the 200mm Intake Replacing the Red Led's for yellow Led's, Here is the 120mm fan that came with the case. Took off the fan blades. Here is also an extra fan painted, along with the grill. Ended up not liking the grill so I will be redoing that. * This Worklog post was generated using WorklogCreator - Version: * Free Download: http://www.mod2software.com/worklogcrea ... reator.zip
  25. Hello All, I am happy to be involved in this competition. This is my first time modding and I blame Coolermaster for that, if I had purchased a case that had the interior painted I may never have found my hobby Good luck to all, I am reworking my logs and hopefully will have some up soon.