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  1. Antenna prop rod assembly for the lexan frame that will be installed inside the 220b left front frame rail
  2. The top of the case polycarbonate frame assembly
  3. I spent a little extra time polishing the frame because it is up front and in your face.
  4. Here we have a Cooler Master 200mm fan, custom grills and corresponding hardware witch will be placed in one of the back doors.
  5. After final sanding I polished the aluminum with heavy duty rubbing compound, then Flitz aluminum polish
  6. Then water sanded with 600,then 1500, and finished sanding 2500 grit
  7. On most of the aluminum I started the refinish process with 360 grit on a da sander
  8. The grill on the left was cut from a new cookie cooler. The one on the right was from the side of a circa 1950 water cooler that was refinished with epoxy primer, then basecoat clearcoat black metallic.
  9. On the left is an overclocking "dashboard" as named by MSI. It came with the MSI big bang trinergy mother board. It was ment to be an external hand held unit, but I will be installing it in the floppy bay. I took my old floppy drive apart and used the bottom as a main support for three backets, one up-down, one in-out, and one side to side.
  10. After installing the front, notice the bottom drive bays removed to facilitate cross flow ventilation
  11. PC front and power switch, custom cut brackets and hardware
  12. Custom cut side support. Also in this pic are the feet and hardware to attach power supply support to the body
  13. Attaching the power supply support and mb tray holder assemblys