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  1. 4 inch pvc elbows obtained from local hardware store will serve as air ducts for cpu radiator
  2. Generic fan grills removed and replaced with refinished (old water cooler) grill. The black contrasts and looks way cooler than the generics in my opinion
  3. Custom cut backet for rear fans exhaust assembly
  4. Installed temp guages (the cpu will light blue, gpu green)
  5. Custom cut cpu and gpu temperature guages mount assembly
  6. Mother board mounted with I5. Here you can see the 8pin power cable, the first of many carbon fiber sleeved cables.
  7. The military grade mb. (no aluminum caps) look closely, not one. I had two caps burst on me over the years. All boards should be made this way.
  8. The back of the tray with angle mounted acting as conduits for harnesses
  9. The tray facing front with the extention mounted on the right (more holes were drilled for the vc and switch)
  10. Here is the heavily modified Mother board tray. The upper right hole will allow the 8pin power wire to pass though. The back originaly housed one 80mm exhaust fan. After cutting this area, it is just big enough to stack two 80mm fans now. The large hole in the middle was cut to gain access to the back of the mother board to ease mounting of the processor. The round holes were cut for ventilation and center the rear 200mm fan. The angles will be mounted on the back and will channel wire around the fan. I also made an extension that will be attached to the right front. This extension will allow the main power harness, sata, power switch, and video card cables to pass though for an ultra clean look. My goal is to hide as many wires as possible.
  11. Custom made brackets made to hold wires behind the hard drive bay
  12. I simply rivited the old hollow rails in place, but the new solid support plate had to be tapped. Then the screws were thread locked.
  13. Power supply would not fit on the support rails. A generic power supply was used for measurement that must be around a 1/16" smaller than the Corsair. The new power supply support is made from solid 1/4" aluminum that has been drilled out for weight reduction.
  14. Original Cooler Master aluminum drive bay covers to finish off the drive section