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  1. The base was centered and epoxied to the fan. The cone was then marked in four evenly spaced places for the antenna holders. Using a ring that fits about mid way down the cone really helps with the marks.
  2. A hole must be made in the grill slightly bigger than the cone. I painted my grill high gloss black metallic. Scroll down
  3. Here is a brand new named mod !!! Invented by me. Shown here first. It is called......The SPUTNIK MOD Almost anyone can make it. It doesnt cost much. It doesnt take a very long time to install. It can be done on almost any large case fan. The following pics will take you though the procedure. First, I took an RC plane nose cone. The one I used is screwed on to a base. I then filled in the propeller holes with sheet aluminum and smoothed them over with plastic filler. They also make ones without holes, but I wanted the biggest one possible to fit my grill.
  4. I originaly had silver stainless thumb screws,but you can spot the blue ones easier for quick removal They look better securing the doors in my opinion. They match the blue on the mb pretty well.
  5. Blue anodized thumb screws will secure all doors. Chrome allens will make door knobs. As you can see the chrome allens have a shoulders. They only come on long screws, so these were cut to fit. I tapped the aluminum so they screw in right up to the shoulder. Perfect little door knobs that work and look well.
  6. Some of the pins on the back end of the middle sink had to be shortened a bit to make clearence. The middle sink had clip hole extensions on the ends that were removed also.
  7. GTX 470 with triple fans will handle the video. Of all the 470s reviewed, this one was cooler and quieter. Hopefully one more will be added soon
  8. 8 gigs of dominator 1600 with 8-8-8-24 timings will be used
  9. A detailed look at the power switch sleeving. All the wires that must show are sleeved with the carbon fiber.
  10. The power switch cables were also lengthened and covered with the carbon fiber sleeves.
  11. Usually I like to stager my joints, but the way these stock cables were configured did not allow me to do so. These sata power cables were almost doubled in length to make the route behind the hard drive bay and then up to the blu-ray.
  12. An old burnt power supply was stripped of some of its sleeving and used on the replaced fans
  13. Mounting holes were drilled, the radiator was bolted in place. The assembly was then painted with black metallic. Silver and blue pearl stripes were added to match the mother board. The assembly was then clear coated with high gloss urethane. I also replaced the stock H70 cpu radiator fans with more powerful yet quieter fans.
  14. Elbows were shortened and custom cut G10 fiberglass flanges were epoxied on elbows