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  1. Finaly, I would like to thank Wayne Hsieh and all the people @ Cooler Master for having this contest.
  2. The name "InfiniTiS". I asked my wife Sally to help me choose a project name. She immedialy spit out the word "infinty" she said thats how long it will take me to finish it. Shes probably right, theres allways some kind of upgrade wanted. The "TiS" ending to the word was added in honor of our gaming squad, "The Immortal Soldiers"= ^TiS^ made up of finest people found anywhere established in 1998.
  3. I would like to thank Barry Lanier, owner of Trinity Tek Inc. His expertise is greatly appreciated. This project bennifitted substancially from his advise and guidance.
  4. The hard drive bay seams to be working well so far. Only time will tell if I can extend the drive life.
  5. My SPUTNIK MOD has a very cool effect when powered. Its kinda like a hot sports car where it even looks cool standing still.
  6. After months of work, and the time finaly came to press the power button. I plugged the cord into the power supply but forgot to plug it into an outlet. I pressed the button and that almost gave me a heart attack. Then when I reallized what I did and powered it up and it all worked, well that almost gave me a heart attack.
  7. Very user friendly with the intent to make everything accessible.
  8. I think the tray extention that lets the main power, sata, video card, and power switch pass through really made for a super clean, almost wireless look.
  9. FINALY FINISHED What started on black friday, ended on friday the 13th - hmmm
  10. That Madonna song "like a virgin" pops in my head every time I peel one of these off (!)