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  1. Lovely work Andrae! Just cant get enough of this build and how you present it!
  2. Here is my new project : ALIEN-LI As usual I focus on my favorite subject SciFi! More information is to come when I finish my current own and customer projects and focus on this one. Enjoy the pics of stuff to come and what has been done before! Untill soon!
  3. Some shots for the Swedish Gadget Magazine 3M !
  4. Thanks man ! That would be the ULTIMATE honour !
  5. Thanks man ! Yeah it was a real task trying to fit everything in there. Was fun to build!
  6. That is an awesome design for a case ! Love it ! Any progress?
  7. Hi all, here is the final update of the work that I had to do for the AT-AT! Started work on the laser assembly for in the head. The head was well designed with multiple layers , hats off to the people at HASBRO !!! I had to remove the leds that were in the lasre cannons and drill holes for the laser ligtht to get out ! The lasers had to be taped down and calibrated to fit exactly through the holes and not deviate to much when aimed at the wall. Cant have them pesky rebels escape cause we cant aim properly ! Installed a couple of red leds to light up the front window I use a TSOP 1838 IR receiver to analyse the output of a old remote (from a broken hdmi switcher) and program the arduino to shoot the lasers at different patterns. Found a nice place to store the Arduino also. Last electrical check, yes everything works, now lets install the hardware and connect the watercooling stuff. Filling station. The res I use to fill it up is on the top. Cause the input of liquid is directly in front of the pump, it wont run dry. Only thing was the air inside the system. Took a while before everything got out. And there we have it, fully filled up and operational. OH NO !!! I had to change out a fitting cause it was leaking and during that some liquid got trapped inside the aux 12v connector of the motehrboard. When the case was upright it didnt short anything. When the case was on its side ... IT DID !!! So long Motherboard, CPU and GPU !!!! So with 2 days left before the LAN party it was stress time !! Had to remove all the affected hardware and replace with new. Hmm, which one was the broken one again ... DAMN !!! And test out if everything worked again ... Luckely it did ! But after all the stress and driving around the country to get the exact parts I needed, with 2 hours left before the beginning of the LAN party I could relax. Its finished !!! Now one last big job, how to get it to the party ... The same technique Luke used to trip one over, I used to keep it steady ... LOL At the party some final adjustments (a piece of plastic inside the PSU kept touching the fan causing a terrible annoying high pitch sounds) But there it is, I made it ! Now back at my house, I am redesigning my office. I have changed the hardware layout a little. The GPU is out and replace with 3 x 2 Tb HDD (just barely fitted) and its functioning as my NAS ! Probably one of the few watercooled NAS out there ... With the USS EURISKO and the AT-AT my office got a upgrade ! And that was it ! Look here for the full highres picture log of the lan party I will be covering the base with styrene and maybe do some airbrushing to liven up the exterior of the AT-AT so keep posted for updates ! Hope you enjoyed the build as much as I did and I am already working on the next one ! ASPHIAX
  8. Hi all, here is another update of the work that I had to do for the AT-AT!
  9. Hi all, here is another update of the work that I had to do for the AT-AT! With the Most of the routing work for the legs and reservoir work done, I could start on the base. The idea was to have the radiators, PSU, fancontroller, flowmeter, UV strip and media bay in the base as that would not fit inside the body. Had a couple of pieces of mesh left over from the EURISKO. Thats why i keep telling my wife, never throw away anything ... And why i got so much crap scattered across my workspace , lol The whole base is going to be covered with pieces of styrene. Cut ou the letters by hand, could have gotten a lasercutter to do it more precise but I just like this work ! Glueing it all together, another job for my trusted fret saw. It weighs 40 pounds ! Damn it. Red UV plexi has the tendency to go pink. Also the styrene is not lightproof enough so you can see the plexi through it. Fixed it with some Aluminum tape ! I really needed to get some more red into the base, luckily I had this rgb strip laying around. Wiring , wiring , wiring ... Ah that looks better ... Finally I could get started on soldering all the connectors back. I am so hoping I labelled it all correctly ... I could not use screws to mount everything correctly in place as that would be visible on the top side of the base, so I had to resort to an old disney trick ... TAPE IT !!! The final result ... Well almost, the connecting tube between the rads has been cut in 2 and a flowmeter has been placed to make sure I had adequate flow. Gotta love them enermax fans, they arent the most quiet around but they sure do look pretty. Sort of like a generator .. And with the base almost done, I could start on the body side soldering and placing of the hardware ! Until the next update !