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  1. Congratulations to all participants, organizers and sponsors. To the winners, all my respect. You deserved! This year, Cooler Master has exceeded expectations with a very competitive contest and also nicely organized. Congratulations! The judgment provided a very fair result, rewarding the best projects and appreciating the true art of casemod. I agree with most projects awarded and even those were not my favorites were good choices. I would like to see the rank scores of all the projects to see how tight was final result. Unfortunately I could not participate this year because of personal problems, but closely followed most of worklogs. I was watching, studying and admiring each update and commentary. I enjoyed most of projects and was very happy with the final result. See you next year. Cheers to everyone!
  2. Clean, bold and futuristic ... perfect design. I love it ! I am also waiting for it ...
  3. Connecting to LEAP-TIME COMMUNICATION WORLD NETWORK [Connected...] [New Message] From: asgneto Subject: PROJECT WATCHING This project is getting better with every update ... I'm really enjoying it. Keep your eyes open for spies and don't stop to update the log. Greetings & Good Luck ! [Encrypting...] [Encrypted Message] [Message sent] [Disconnecting...]
  4. Frankie, your project is promising great innovations ... I'm watching for updates.
  5. Your project is looking great ... the finish is first class modding. Keep moving.
  6. Hi kier, I'll send the email to them right now and see how to buy some pads for my future projects. Thank you very much for your help !!!!!! I keep an eye on your project waiting by news.
  7. Thanks for the info. I searched for the Recon and GloPlex on Google but have not found any information. There is on the packaging the url of their site? If you get any more information I will be grateful. Nice job on the acryl panel, but don't forget that there are other components on the motherboard that need to be cooled. I suggest you to use one or two small fans (40mm) to create some air flow underneath the acrylic.
  8. Amazing the efect of this glowpads... Where did you found this kits ? Waiting for more updates.
  9. I would like to thank and congratulate the Cooler Master and all other sponsors for the organization and the wonderful awards received in the Cooler Master Modding Contest 2009. I hope you continue supporting and encouraging modders around the world to create their projects, developing new ideas and concepts. I also thanks and congratulate all participants of the contest. Well, that was the prizes that I got for the first place in the category Full Tower.
  10. This "blue chiaro" is very close to the color that I used in "Cosmos Dream Machine K5-World of Warcraft" requested by Gigabyte and CM for presentation at the KODE5/Brasil. The look of this ink is amazing with a good lighting.
  11. Lets go again... Nice start Mpovh !
  12. Great prizes ! That's a great start for a new project !
  13. Some short videos of part of the prizes running. They are not edited. I just downloaded from the camera and sent it to YouTube. In two cases, I used the Audioswap offered by YouTube to insert background music in the videos, but the process is too slow and the result has not been as expected, so I let the others muted. The videos ... In this first video, we see the functioning of keys backligth of the Logitech G19. It has 3 memory keys (M1, M2 and M3) that activate different settings for the game keys G1, G2, .., G11 and G12. These settings may receive different colors according to the taste of the customer. The G19 also has a key that makes it completely off. [url =] YouTube - Logitech G19 [/ url] Now, we see a demonstration of the functions of the G19 LCD display. The graphic quality is amazing! The programs displayed are supplied by Logitech software/driver. This software is also compatible with the G13 and allows simultaneous access the configuration of both LCD and function keys. As you can see, the display is capable of displaying videos stored on your PC and access the videos from YOUTUBE. [url =] YouTube - Logitech G19 LCD [/ url] Here we see the Logitech G13 gaming board. As in G19, they activate the settings for the "G" keys and change the color of backligth keys and LCD. [url =] YouTube - Logitech G13 Gaming board [/ url] As the gaming board and keyboard, the Sentinel Advance mouse, from CM Storm (a division specializing in gamers from Cooler Master), also has buttons that can alter the lighting and DPI. Inside the software/driver control panel, exisits the possibility to define 4 levels of DPI, starting at 100dpi up to the limit of 5600DPI, and configs for 5 profiles of mouse buttoms actions (each profile related to a color lighting). [url =] YouTube - CM Storm Sentinel Advance [/ url] Crucial Ballistix Tracer leds during loading of Windows 7. They lit from the inside out as the memory usage, sometimes in sync and sometimes in total chaos. [url =] YouTube - Crucial Ballistix Tracer [/ url] If you have questions about the features / functions appear in the video, just ask me. I whi'll be happy to respond.
  14. Feliz 2010 para você também meu grande amigo Mike ! Happy 2010 to you too my good friend Mike! And to all friends here in CM Forums !!! Oh yes, it's a lot of great prizes. I will create my next project based on these awards. I'm planning to start my new project log in February because my free time decreased significantly after I started working for the federal government. And you, already started to organize the workshop for this year? Abraços e muita saúde, Tino