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  1. lol, its halfway through the 1st here, but whos! very anxious to see how it has all panned out, i'd like to say that the level of competition was of a far higher standard that the pics i saw from 2009, so congrats to everyone who had a crack at this.... it shows we're all willing to keep pushing the limits of our craft and talents. All the best and a big congrats to the winners (whoever they may be at the moment)..... Nick
  2. Hey mate!, yeah i don;t know what has happened to the pics, i will have a crack at what has happened and try a re-upload to reset the bandwith.... Thanks for the positive comments, very much appreciated, as like most guys here this was a first crack at his, but now i have the bug and am starting to mod cases for my customers.... All the best!! Nick
  3. Delivery is delayed to these recipients or groups: 'Wayne_Hsieh è¬åœ‹å‰ (訊凱)' ( Subject: RE: Final Reminder for Cooler Master Case Mod Competition This message hasn't been delivered yet. Delivery will continue to be attempted. The server will keep trying to deliver this message for the next 1 days, 19 hours and 58 minutes. You'll be notified if the message can't be delivered by that time. this is what has happened, i sent my final submitted product about 8 Hours ago. so just so that people/judges know that was on time with my final submission......
  4. OK it is done, a few things haven't gone to plan but never the less i am stoked with the result!!!! let me know what you all think and if you have any questions, fire away....
  5. OK, we are getting very close to a finished product... 9" Dowel + Shiny Paper + Rope + Wire + Internet = Dynamite!!!! Muah ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! Viewing window has now been reinstalled, with rivets, and so has the grill all painted up, the rivets on the grill have been intentionally left bare metal as to break up the colour. Trial fit of the panels and to start on the painting of the markings for the case. Stenciling all the wording
  6. OK, another update on progress; Second crack at painting the side panels, somehow the primer didn't stick and the paint just flaked off everywhere. Clear fluid in the system, testing for leaks, only found one which was an easy fix; Coloured fluid added (600mls Clear + 100mls of RED + Orange UV Dye Bomb) Have had a few hold ups along the way, power supply seems to be on the way out and as i have opened it up the warranty is voided (typical), 1 of the rope light control boxes is shagged, so I will be buying another one of them on monday as i can't wait for a warranty replacement. will be getting the power switches all wired up tonight to place on the case and then it will be a few stickers here and there a bit more painting and it should be good to go....
  7. HEY!, another Aussie!! Case looks the goods, All the best.
  8. Ok, Here a few more pics of my progress.... a bit of a hack at the case to open up space for the 140mm fan
  9. ok, well i will chronologically update this with the photos, i'm shocking at getting this updated.... Here we go; Filling in the old power button and reset buttons on the front of the case; Finished, sanded and ready for paint; Now the mesh has been replaced with solid flat tin, this has just been folded to the same dimensions as the mesh; Chasis ready for paint; Chasis etch primed; The chasis has been painted in Silver Hamertone paint, as to give it a weathered look; Case is being painted, and honestly it is looking rather boring in the ol' OD Green, so i have now started to find some accents and paraphernalia to put on it. I have come across the Ace of Spades and other symbols that were used, so i will be adding them to the case. I have used the ace of spades but have chucked a skull in there for good measure. This is the grill from the side panel, i think it looks rather good; Ok, i will update this again this afternoon as i will be ducking to the shop to keep going...... Cheers, Nick
  10. Hey All!, Apologies for my lack of involvement up to this current point, I have been undertaking other more pressing projects, however, I now have a shop in my local town and the space to start making some serious progress on this.... I had the opportunity to purchase a signal flare box which is the same as a 50cal munitions box so have this now and will be basing as much as i can off this product, amazingly, this box, its hinges, snap fastener and quick release work like the day it was made, it is an awesome piece of gear!, I have begun dis assembly of the case and made some markings for cutting, have got the mule that is loading all the software and hardware configurations doing its thing, i hadn't let this cat out of the bag, but I will be utilizing a 32Gb CF Card as the primary hdd for this machine as to keep this case as open and as clean as possible. Have still been hampered by couriers and parts availability but i will do the very best i can with what i currently have available to me. I will be replacing the mesh components with flat plate to fill things in a bit to simulate the ammo box structure, i will be attempting a wind tunnel idea for the radiator for the WC system. Also i have had a dabble with overclocking as this machine is no mean beast (i may consider purchasing new hardware if i think it really isn't adequate, but i'm more looking at this comp as the theme of the case rather than how well the machine bench tests.... never the less i have now got a 3.0Ghz, to a 4.2 and it seems stable but cooling is an issue, and once i have the wc system fully operational i hope to rectify this, so it is back to standard for the moment, but i know the recipe to juice it back up.... POLL: what do you think all, keep the 775 gear or upgrade to 1155/56 or 1366 gear??? here are a few pics of the current state of things (nothing spectacular but something never the less). the real deal box next to the case the CF Card getting its operating system A couple of vandal resistant illuminated switches, to activate the LED's inside the box mesh now removed
  11. Hey All, Hi from Australia! Stoked to have a crack at this comp, I hope to learn some valuable insight and tips from this event, and from what I have seen so far the quality of the entries is AWESOME!! OK, the concept; Based on the new Battlefield: Bad Company 3 being released, we have decided to go with a Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam Themed Case. Based off a CM-690 V1.0 Case, we will attempt to simulate a Allied (US/AUS) Ammunition Box, however inside the case will be a “care package†bomb, with a water cooling system to simulate a Napalm Bomb and C4 demolition system. Here are a few photos of what I have so far (parts finally started arriving yesterday) The Case; Mod Parts; The Donor Machine Volunteering its parts for the build; 775 Motherboard, Intel Chip TBA, 4Gb DDR3 RAM etc, etc. etc. Well thats it for the moment, let me know what you think or if you have any questions, just ask away! Cheers, Nick