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  1. mnpctech commented on my build. Thanks for the compliment!!
  2. Thanks! Total cost is about USD120-150 for the 3D printed parts. Ya, I'll admit that the fans are a bad choice. Thanks for the tip!
  3. Final pictures of my submission for this competition. Thanks!
  4. Assembly pictures! This is a material called Transparent detail. I find the lines a bit disturbing. But for this case, it makes for a rather interesting texture. Also I think it'll diffuse the back light well. Using this glue. Brilliant stuff. LED module from Sparkfun. Attached! IO panel I posted earlier attached. Some of the other sub-assemblies. Installing the brass inserts was nerve-racking. The only way to get it in was to push hard and all the while I was thinking I'm gonna crack the plastic. That's all for now.
  5. Even more parts! This is the last batch of parts to arrive. Brass inserts for motherboard standoffs and 6mm standoffs. I'm using all stainless steel 3mm bolt socket head screws. And these... DA laser cut parts! Finally I'll be able to do final assembly. Wish me luck!
  6. More parts arrived! Test fitting some of the parts. It's going to be down to the wire for this...
  7. After a short trip to Sim Lim Square... Sadly, my laser cut parts are only ready on Wed and some other 3D parts only next week too. So until then, please keep the feedback coming!
  8. Absolutely awesome build dude. Seeing how as we are both scratch building a MITX case, I can't imagine how you managed to squeeze in so much more things. Love the details you are putting in.
  9. Thanks! I'm using Shapeways for printing, the material is supposed to be Nylon which is very tough. Anyway, some updates! I'm in the process of waiting for parts to be fabricated. Meanwhile, I'm doing some of my own fabrication. Because the case is rather unique, I couldn't find any suitable IO panel. So I'm making my own. I took a long time to source for the power button. It's a tactile button that has an LED. The LED will serve as a HDD activity LED. Some close up look of the assembly. This is the part of the case that will house the IO panel. Finally, a simple test/demo of the HDD LED using my current rig. It's really bright!
  10. Thanks! You have an interesting build going on too.
  11. Finally an update! Firstly, I gotta apologise for the delay. I've been really busy trying to finish up the CAD designs that there was simply no time to organise pictures to be posted. Anyway, I'm finally about 95% done with the drawings. Here is the final design! There was a lot of effort being made to ensure that the drawings are accurate and matches up perfectly. I ran into some problems with small alignments issue. Even though they were off by less than a millimeter, I made sure I correct them. And to conclude this update, I've received my first printed parts!! This is one of the part. This is the printed part!! Thanks for viewing. Some replies/comments please?
  12. Hi, I'm starting my worklog for the Cooler Master 2011 case mod competition. I've been working on it for about a month or so since knowing about the competition. Anyway, perhaps a small introduction first? I'm from Singapore and this is my first scratch build case. Here's a link to my previous mod Angel I did a lot of fabrication previously and it sure was very tedious~! Some of the central theme of this build include [*:3jfgletj] Mini ITX form factor [*:3jfgletj] Full size PSU (up to 170mm depth) [*:3jfgletj] Full size GFX card (up to 320mm length) [*:3jfgletj] 2 x 140mm air intakes (filtered) [*:3jfgletj] Flexibility to use and material [*:3jfgletj] Lightweight! [*:3jfgletj] Slim optical drive (slot load) [*:3jfgletj] 3 x HDD space (3.5 and 2.5 inch types) As mentioned, I won't be doing a lot of the fabrication this time, instead I'll be focusing on the design. So how does it get made? 3D printing! I'm getting most of the parts made by what I called the Internet Factory. I send out designs that are separately made by various people from the Internet. If you think about it, it's almost like Ponoko except maybe a lot cheaper. The idea is also allow the use of radically different material from conventional cases. It will be made of out mostly plastics! Enough of words. Here are some pictures of my initial design idea. Example of transparent acrylic used. More exotic materials! Finally a layout sketch. Thanks!