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  1. I read lots of extensive reviews on the new Creative X-fi lineup about a month back and ran into a lot of people complaining about this issue, which is why I decided to buy the platinim X-fi card, and I too have a Stacker 830 case. I'm almost positive this isn't an issue with the case, many people believe this is a marketing strategy by Creative to get more people to step up to the platinum edition and thus spend more money, but it's all speculation at this point. Have you tried emailing or calling Creative support?
  2. Y molex connector? What does that do make two molex connectors from one? I didn't realize those existed. And Then I can get a sata to molex adaptor too you're saying? ok great I'll look for those. Do most major etailers carry all these adaptors because when I checked the other day I couldn't find any.
  3. Yeah I figured that out earlier tonight, but that still only leaves me with one more sata connecter after the two raptors. I'm also worried that the new HD DVD/Blueray drives will all be sata based as well, in which case I just won't have enough sata cables, but nothing's perfect I guess.
  4. Ok after doing some research, I realize that I can use a molex to pci-e adaptor converting two molex connector to one pci-e connector, I didn't even stop to think about adaptors! I figured I would have to open up the PSU to add another connector. Is there a SATA adaptor that I can use like this? I still can't find any. Ok so looking at that picture I have 6 molex connectors to use. I use a molex to pci-e adaptor that takes up 2, and I have two dvd drives which would take up two more. Now, with the new SATA2 spec the new sata drives are only connected via the sata connectors right? but the older sata drives need to be connected via the sata connector AND the 4 pin molex? I only ask because I just bought two of the new raptor drives, but they still only have both the sata and the 4pin molex connectors. If I had to use both I would be all out of 4pin molex if I used an sli/crossfire setup. Just trying to see if I have enough connectors!
  5. Yes they do, but it will set you back about 450 greenbacks and with a noisy 80mm fan to boot (not that I've ever used one ). Not exactly the best price/performance ratio in my book. On the other hand, you wouldn't have to upgrade for like a century
  6. Because 600w just sounds sexier Seriously, the extra 50w most definitely won't be utilized by me in the near future, but its the future proofability that I'm concerned about, and that extra 50w may just be enough to enable me to get 1 or 2 more years out of it before I buy a newer unit, and that would make all the difference in the world. Besides I can find the Extreme Power 600w for the same price as the Real Power 550w, so it's really a nobrainer provided more information is given on this unit. One thing that confuses me are the charts given for the EP 600w vs. the RP 500w. As you can see, the information for the RP 550w lists the peak power at 650w and continuous power at 550w, and then lists the voltages that you can expect in peak and continuous conditions. The EP 600w, OTOH, only lists 600w and one set of voltages. If this is under continuous power conditions then what's the peak? In the end it's all about options. The most important question I have is wether or not I can add more connecters to this unit. I highly doubt that I will use an SLI/Crossfire setup or more than 3 hard drives in the near future, but it's always nice to have the peace of mind that I can use these setups in the future if I so choose to do so. I had the same mindset when I bought my stacker 830 last month. It seems unlikely that I'll never be using a BTX motherboard the way the BTX spec has turned out, but the ability to upgrade is there. Same with the possibility of using all 9 fans. More information needs to be given on this PSU please
  7. Hello all, 1st post Ok, so I've been in the market for a new high quality power supply for under $200 that outputs 600-650W, and ever since it was released, the new Extreme Power 600w has been high on my list, primarily because of its attactive price (You can find this unit for $75 at some etailers), and I think that it would be a great compliment to my new CM stacker 830. The biggest reason that's stopping me from buying this PSU in a heartbeat is the lack of information for it. These are just a few of the questions I have: -Does this PSU have a modular cable design or conventional? -Are the cables sleeved and how so? -Is it possible to add more cables to this unit? For example, can I add another PCI-E cable for SLI/Crossfire setups, or an extra sata connector? -What is the continuous power rating of this unit and what is the peak power rating? What does the 600w refer to? I was also wondering if anyone knows if this unit will come out soon with an updated version with more connecters, like was the case for the Real Power 550w SLI version. BTW what are the major differences between the Extreme power and Real power PSU series? Finally there arent many pictures of this unit, and none from the back or how the cables look, so if any of the CM mods or any enduser could post some HQ's of this unit from all angles that would be much appreciated.