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  1. I think mine is getting rma'd. I don't know what is going on with it. Tempuraters in the bios, just in the bios, not oding anything, are 50degC with my athlon X2. Not sure whats going on. THinking of going to the stock HSF, returning this, EBaying it, and going with a XP90 Air solution. I've seen so many people have problems with this aquagate mini it seems. I just can't figure it out.
  2. Tommatt

    Air Flow Question

    I've heard alot of people suggesting to turn all your fans into intake fans. Theres enough holes and places air will leak, and your power supply as an exhaust, for the air to escape. Take temps with the side panel off, and on, if tehres a change in tempurature, either turn one into an exhause or remove a pci slot cover to allow air to escape.
  3. Hey, I just got the aquagate mini, and am about to build my new X2 system. ANyways, my questions were 1. WHen you put the han on the radiotar, do you want the fan to be blowing air onto it, or blowing hot air away from it? 2. The fan that comes with it. On the back of the box it says that it only pushes 7.8CFM. ON the website here, it says a much higher number. 53 I believe. So.. which one is it? I was going to replace the fan with an aspire case fan, when I thought this only did 7.8 but now.... Thx