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  1. Amazing man! It looks like a proper exhaus and a frame! You can put a bit of decals or carbon fiber the exhaust and if you do decide to watercool it, you know where to place the rads! I had similar idea before but with a dirtbike.. Like a reservoir made to look like a gas shock absorber! Nicely done mate! Good luck.
  2. Wow! Very intricate detailing! Another clean build by Paul!
  3. Been busy with life lately, I doubt I'll be able to finish this. I'm having too much fun looking at everyone's entries. Anyway, I did some stuff today. I had to do something for my day off. Update: I/O Cutout I wasn't happy with the initial cutout. So I decided to cut it all the way, to give it a uniform look. And I designed a bracket for the mb tray w/ traditional "sliding" mechanism. I was going to use a pair of drawer rails but ditched it eventually as it was too bulky for me. My first drill job. Didn't have a center punch so the was a bit of misalignment but it was sorted. Sorry for the blurred pic. There is a 1.5mm gap between the bracket and the rail where the mb tray slides. Fitted my Lian-li matx tray with my R2G. I'll be using this mobo for this build but I might mount it on an atx tray to use the case's space. This mod is plainly to introduce more functional elements to the standard case, ie. removable/"re-orientable" mb tray, multiple rad placements/combo, psu mounts.. Unfortunately, aesthetics will come last! Booooo for me! matx fitted! Again, sorry for the bad image. Gap between the I/O panel and the handle cover. DVI cable stick out a few cm above the plastic. I'll be cutting it and design a removable lid. I was planning the put hinges on the handle but realized that it will weaken the structure and there's barely enough sheet metal to mount stuff on. ATX mb tray. Will have to make a backplate, to make it slide on the rails. Also, I have to reinforce the tray wobbly tray. TO DO: PSU mount, hdd/optical cage placement, rad placement.. PS: I'm not going to remove the handles even if having it seems pointless since the case would probably weigh almost 20kgs w/ the radiators and hardwares. Who said you won't build up biceps going to lan parties?
  4. Really nice work Bill, the case feet looks very sturdy!
  5. Liking the build so far! Very neat and compact! Good luck to you mate!
  6. This mod has been haunting me for the past few nights. I couldn't sleep properly. I'm been having different ideas storming my mind, I can't even hug my wife anymore! This is bad! Lol. Seriously, I've got some sketches done. But when I'm in front of the case, I lose the confidence or maybe the guts. Questions like "will this support well?", "what thickness of aluminium sheet should it be?", "Screws or rivets?", "Size of screws?", etc. a lot!
  7. Amazing!! Reminds me of Metroid's morph ball. Only elegant! Great work mate! Excited to see the components fitted.
  8. I like the paint effects, especially the ROG sillhouettte.. looks cool and natural..
  9. I like the front bezel idea. Minimalist, and interchangeable too! Happy modding "el toro"! Lol.. Toro is a bull right?
  10. I cut the motherboard tray inbetween the last pci bracket and the psu support. Finished cutting the back panel and fitted it back with masking tapes. Even though most of the surface have been removed from the back it still feels sturdy. For the exhaust I will have to resort with 2 80/90mm fans, if there is any available, as there isn't enough space for a 120. Well, it will but angled at 45. The placement of the back panel is not final yet, I have to take into account the handles. I don't want the dvi cables dangling on top of the handles. If I find a way to lower it a bit then it'll be moved 2.5-3 inches further down. I'm still considering of making the motherboard tray removable, but there won't be any place for the screws. It might overlap with the side panels. Also, I'm thinking of a good way for a support bracket at the bottom part of the motherboard tray as I it might put too much tension on the top part. The optical drive bays will obviously obstruct the motherboard, I'm gonna omit it anyway. Or if can move it toward the front bezel? The problem would be the tool-less mechanism will be unusable, pointless to salvage this part or I can just improvise two 5 1/4 bays, maybe for fan control or a bay reservoir. Don't wanna buy a slim drive as I don't use any discs. Also, I will have to downsize the hdd bays. Like 2-3 hdd's perhaps. As don't really keep that much data around, as I only play 2-3 steam games atm. Haven't ventured into RAIDs yet. Objectives: 1. Support bracket for top I/O panel 2. Bracket for motherboard tray 3. Removable motherboard tray mechanisms 4. Downsize optical and hdd bays 5. PSU mount on the front panel, as well as the support for it. 6. Vent holes for PSU and bottom radiator. (With support for 120/140 rads) 6. Modify front bezel to make space for the relocated optical drive bays. I'm off to buy some hand files. To all fellow modders and enthusiasts, I will gladly accept any suggestions or tips. Also, what thickness of aluminum is suitable for support brackets? Thank you guys! Happy modding!
  11. Haha.. It's ok for you guys, you know your tools and the techniques. While me on the other hand, have to resort on what you post! Just wanna have fun in here, not really for the price. I'll try my best though. Hope you guys help me on stuff.
  12. I too, am curious as to what's going to happen with this mod. I haven't really planned everything it was just from my head. Maybe planning comes after I cut everything apart.
  13. Hi everyone! This will be my first mod ever, let alone using any power tools. As I go through the entire project, I will be learning how to use a variety of tools and techniques regarding modding and building. Initially, my project was just to watercool the case internally. Cut a few holes here and there, drill some. Basic stuff, plain and simple. I saw this ad on Bit-tech so why not ditch the watercooling and join the fun! So I bought a Dremel and some other tools! I disassembled the case 2 weeks ago, watched a few modding guides. The plan is stuck in my head, I don't know how to use any modelling software, or even photoshop. Although I tried MS Paint. The plan is simple, I am going to re-orient the motherboard tray so that the panel is facing upwards just below the handle. Remove some of the unused drive bays, since I'm not gonna be using more than 2 hdd's and 1 optical. Maybe a room for a future ssd, but that can be mounted anywhere. So let's begin. I'll be using this CM Storm Scout which I bought and used almost two years ago. And the system: Before disassembly: Update April 5:
  14. Not only a great modder, must have been a great pastry chef too! Very nice mod, at last a break from those uber-futuristic/spaceship/secret military weapon/prototype stealth cruisers-themed mods. Very refreshing, and tasty-looking too. =)