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  1. thanks for support thats my style clean neat and retro! i tryed my best!
  2. and voila!!!!the final work is here!!! oh god!!im so proud of my baby!
  3. stuff that arrived today! cpu block, top rad , tube, liquid there is almost evrything!! now its time for hardwork setting all up till sunday!!!
  4. here is some of my weekend work and pics birthday gift from gf xigamtek blue fan white led nzxt 2m sleeved led kit - white gpu block / pump(looks like new): holes in the bottom panell, looks hot and a new... a panel that will be fixed on the drive will cover it totally and will also hold the res inside the cage drive will be the pump :rock:
  5. Here they are! the new BitsPower carbon black!!! beautiful!! Top for 350 Res 80mL sweet! news soon
  6. massive update incomming!!!!!!! here is a little bit of what ill show in the next few hours
  7. its possible to fit a rad over there??? havent u cut anything? it just fits?
  8. yoooo thx for your reply!! here are some more update space for rad 240 + 2fans + tube + fittings??? suuuuure! general view!!
  9. Hello evryone my work consists in modding+wattercooling a CM690 Advanced II gonna present my hardware CASE: CM 690 Advanced II CPU : i5 750 Mobo : Asus P7P55D-E PRO GPU: Sapphire 5870 1GB RAM : Gskill ripjaws 1600mhz cl7 PSU: Corsair HX-750 OS HDD : SSD Intel X25-M 80GB Storage HDD : Samsung F3 500g Drive : Asus DVDRW WC stuff (on progress) bottom-rad: Black Ice GTS-Lite 240 top-rad: XSPC RS240 BLACK Dual Radiator cpu block: EK Supreme HF nickel+plexi gpu block: EK-FC5870 Plexi pump:Swiftech MCP350 (Laing DDC 12V) res: BitsPower Water Tank Z-Multi 80 fitting: BitsPower 16/10 fittings tube: some 16/10 tube liquid: Fluid XP+ Eco-Earth Midnight Blue UV this project is still in progress but i have done a lot of work so far here are the pics the beggining: first thoughts waht to do with sidepanel... now cutted: some great quality sleeve: Sleeve work: thinking in what to do with the red of the grafics card: (me no likes red ) 1st modding phase done: after this phase i was stopped for like 3 months than at few weeks ago i sold my CPU cooler and allmost all fans and restarted the modding and wattercooling work above are the current results the 1st watercooling stuff: piece of steel laser cutted to hide psu and bottom rad will be painted in black mate ugly GPU block???? now looks like this some paintz : humm black mate results: the is my work progress so far!! stay tunned nes soon!!!