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  1. Thank you very much guys! Well, I have to admit I am pushing it with dimensions and amount of hardware I'm installing in it, but this is what I always loved about scratch builds - you can do whatever you want, design your very own case and based on your experience after having dozens of manufactured cases, make one that has it all:) I had maybe 20 different cases in the past, so I knew what I want to achieve. I desinged my case to be nice looking, smallest as it can be, quiet with great cooling rig. It took me few months to think over all aspects and design main concept in Sketchup. OK! So here are photos of first incomes - I remember it was before Christmas:) Here they are: First, arrived all pices of aluminium, main 4 rods and plates for each panels... I used these right angle dowels to install main rods.. a lot of drilling and measuring, but it was worth it! First cuts done! Top panel... main frame rased from ashes !!! Bottle of Coke inside to show how small this baby is:D Then Christmas came and all presents started to show up:) mITX motherboard, small enough to push it in, but still powerful to build this little MONSTER Reservoir combo for my pump... and pump with installed res next to triple radiator... Now, few more shots showing main frame and panels mounts.. very thight but snuggle fits... You can see those small space below the mobo tray - 2mm for "power cage" top panel. Power Cage will be explained later:) This was my first design of motherboard backplate.. changed it later on a bit... I will add more photos later on.... STAY TUNED !!!
  2. Hello everyone, I decided to join this nice competition, presenting my latest project - PHINIX NANO TOWER. This is my second mod, scratch build actually. First, a few words from the beginning of the project. It has been started a while ago, now it is in final stage. Well... there is still a lot of work to be done:) I've been always trying to use smallest dimensions I can get, to create great performance unit without any sacrifices on power and abilities. What I wanted to make is a case that its base will be smallest as possible, so it won't take a lot of space on my desk. To do that I had to make it a bit taller, so that is why I decided to build tower-shaped case. Is it going to be tall? Tall just enough to take the longest graphic card on market. Also I wanted to cool it with water. Two loops, cooling graphic card and cpu separately. So, it has small base, 20x20cm, it is tall - main aluminium structure rods have 40cm. Tall, smooth tower. Now, to make it more difficult for myself, apart of longest card and i5, mentioned before - two loops of water cooling, internal, I will squeeze in two drives and one slim dvd drive. What else? Full size modular ATX PSU. I think that will make it difficult enough to get everyone's attention:) The plan for this creation was to make a very small, yet very powerful build, so complex that sounds like impossible to achieve, use many innovative ideas, make it unique and beautiful. To be short - smallest and most powerful mITX rig that has been ever made. Period. So, here it is, main idea, general plans and hardware that are being used to create Nano-Tower: Material - aluminium and some acrylic bits. Main ideas : [*:ltsylwu0]install motherboard in vertical position, so I/O panel will be on top [*:ltsylwu0]water cooling system installation, two loops, one for CPU, one for GPU [*:ltsylwu0]vertical PSU installation, power cable will go outside through the bottom panel [*:ltsylwu0] vertical installation of DVD drive that will go out on top of the case, slot in version [*:ltsylwu0]window installation on the left and right panel [*:ltsylwu0]fabricate mesh-radiator grill for top of the case a'la TJ-07 (clean mesh) [*:ltsylwu0]some nice front panel [*:ltsylwu0]lighting system installation Hardware: [*:ltsylwu0]i5 750 CPU watercooled [*:ltsylwu0]DFI mITX motherboard [*:ltsylwu0]new generation graphic card (right now I have GTX580) [*:ltsylwu0]4GB dual channel DDR3 [*:ltsylwu0]SSD as OS drive [*:ltsylwu0]1x 2.5" HDD as games drive [*:ltsylwu0]full size modular PSU Cooling system: [*:ltsylwu0]closed loop watercooling kit for CPU with Coolermaster Turbine Master Silent Fan [*:ltsylwu0]pump + combo reservoir [*:ltsylwu0]triple radiator for GPU loop [*:ltsylwu0]GPU water block [*:ltsylwu0]compression fittings [*:ltsylwu0]tubing (orange) [*:ltsylwu0]3x 120mm slim fans for triple radiator [*:ltsylwu0]CoolerMaster thermal paste for CPU and graphic card water block Additional - EXTRA stuff: [*:ltsylwu0]Switches and fan controller to control all lights and fans. [*:ltsylwu0]leds to light it all up:) [*:ltsylwu0]yellow acrylic Project color scheme : black and yellow! First, let me show you all my sketchup images, showing the main idea of the case and first plans for construction. Here is the main structure. This the motherboard tray and middle panel where CPU water cooling radiator sits. This is how the hardware will sit in - vertical motherboard, graphic card also vertically installed, with output sockets on top. Middle chamber with reservoir sticking out from the power chamber at the bottom. Rear of the case will take triple radiator, which will have 3 slim fans. Fans will suck or blow air in the case, depends on the chamber it comes in. Here is power chamber, with PSU installed - also vertically:) ...and here are the concepts of side panels, left, right and top one. ..and the whole case itself.... Next post, I will add photos of real stuff:) Photos of materials, first work done in aluminium. Enjoy and stay tuned !