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  1. Hi! Long time no update! There is happened a lot in this time, so this is a major update with mutch pictures and less text. The case has been painted, the hardware is in, and the first price is a fact. I won a water-cooling set from XSPC (The H2O Dual 750) So, that is coming into the black box to. Here are some pic's: A new control panel A GPU hole A radgril opening But oops, al little design problem; It must go to the painter, so i gave him a new plate. Yeah, i ordered some plexi, and that came in. I also sleeved the entire PSU, window: this is for the lighting logo! Yeah the case is back from the painter! I cut out the plexi, placed the leds etc. At this point, it looked like this: What do you guys think? Greetings, Daan
  2. Thanks ! This weekend is there an update again. Today, after work I order some Plexi:D Thanks for the responses. Daan
  3. Hi Everyone! I 'm a newby on this forum, but once must be the first time isn't? First of all things, i want to introduce myself. I'm Daan, 16 years old, and this is my first casemod from scratch project! i started working with computers when i was 14 ore something, and now i am addicted! So, This is a casemod from scratch. I want to build a whole working PC in a Ikea PS case: I don't know how I came on this idea, I was watching at it, and thinking, my pc must fit. haha. So, after a while i really started with this project. First some sketches: So, this is the result of the case after the first cutting! But then i discovered a problem. The cutter did it wrong. the holes where not at the right position. And this is the door with the window. Because the cutting problem, i have bought a new case, and the plate where cutted over. This is a picture of the new panel in de case After that was done, i started with a example of the logo. I made this on wood first. After a while again, i started with sleeving the COOLERMASTER() Power-supply. and so is it in the case: Couple of days later i disassembled the coolermaster fan's, so they could easily be coated. Then, i decided to make some redesigns! From this: To this: and the window: From this: To this http://i703.photobucket.com/albums/ww40 ... G_0360.jpg And the latest update till now: The logo has been cutter out of metal: See ya @ the next update! Daan