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    CM Stacker 810

    I put the wheels on mine. I think it looks nicer with the wheels.
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    CM Stacker 810

    Hello, Props - Just wanted to say that the 810 case is great and working well for me. I have a high end SLI system and heat issues were a cause for concern. I was not about to void the warrenty on any of the hardware by watercooling so I ended up purchasing an 810 case. Everything fit fine and the ambient temps and the video card temps have gone way down. Those two 120mm fans in the back do quite alot and so does the blowhole fan. I added another 120mm fan in the front and an 80mm fan on the side. Lots of airflow and space in this case. Cons - I would like to add that the 4 in 3 drive cages should be made out of alluminum to make the case less heavy, the metal grill in the front of those cages be romoved as that restricts airflow (which I did). Also either at the top or the bottom, make a permanant spot for a floppy drive so you dont have to use the drive rails. I personaly still find floppy drives are essential for systems. Suggestion - Maybe in your cases, you could add some spots besides the main board for tie downs. That way you can tie down the power supply's many many cables. These day's high end systems demand high end power supplies which in turn have over a gazillion wires and connectors. I use alot of velcro to tie up loose cables but it would be nice to have some spots to tie these cables directly to the case. All in all, a very good case. P.S. My wife hates it because it's so big! She said, are you putting together a sky scraper?!! LOL