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  1. I should have posted this information a while back to close this issue for anyone else wondering...the PC P&C 510 seems to be holding its own with my rig...I wish I could say the same for my APC UPS (1000VA!)
  2. I have a Cross Flow Fan and installed it without the problem you describe. I did have to mount it with the wire coming out of the bottom; I think they screwed up the directions. With the wire coming out of the top, the fan would not mount properly as the flow of air would not be directed into the case. Maybe the confused it with the BTX configuration. Anyhow, with it mounted and running, even at high, I hear no wobble/noises; relatively quiet actually. That said, I don't really run it as it doesn't seem to give me any other fans must be doing the job well least for now. Maybe when I start loading it up with hard drives I might have a different result.
  3. Sure this has been asked and answered already, but I'm in a rush and didn't see a way to search the thread... Me and a friend are building new rigs...we each selected the 830 and foolishly ordered the PCPC 1kW without considering its massive size. I have not yet received my components but my friend has and he managed to install the 1kW by effectively making the blow hole incapable of accepting the intended 120mm fan (he bent the aluminum tab for the fan frame allowing him to slide the 1kW all the way in). As I was really looking forward to using the blow hole with a 120mm fan, I am not quick to "force" the 1kW into the enclosure. therefore i ordered the 510...but am now having second thoughts since i will be running dual ati x1900 and initially 2 500gb sataii drives with more to follow (after all, that is why i chose the stacker, to stack it full of hard drives). so, anyone else here force the 1kW and care to provide any comments, justifications, reasoning, etc.? even if you haven't used the 1kW, or some other larger psu, i would be interested in hearing everyone's thoughts/opinions. thanks. oh, what about the crossflow fan, i ordered it...anyone else install one?