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  1. Finally finished! Hopefully everyone likes this build lots of work was put into it.
  2. Scratch build: The theme of this mod is to incorporate 2 computers into a portable Gaming containment system (case) My friend and I are sophomores at Severna Park High school and when we came across the case mod we decided to take and idea from a small computer we had built a few months before and take it to an entirely new scale. Our LAN Station entry features two gaming computers nestled in one secure fly away, jet black box which sports two Coolermaster Heatsinks coupled to two overclocked Athlon processors to deliver accelerated performance on two 17 LCD monitors. This mobile system allows for gaming with desktop performance all in a portable and durable package. The case is made entirely of MDF wood and was painted jet black. We started working on the lan station 7 weeks ago when we created a 3d concept of the lanbox. Our final product mirrored the 3 dimensional CAD model we made. The visually and aesthetically pleasing characteristics of this design provides the perfect combination for people in need of the ultimate gaming and multimedia experience in a portable system. Below are some pictures it is based off 2 am3 motherboards and some fantastic cooler master heat sinks! [ Finished Pics on top work below it 3D model of the concept Finished! (Building process below) Mounting the Heatsink Modding/ trimming and painting the back brackets for the video cards Makes them look a bit nicer Making initial cuts to the wood Preparing to make more cuts Motherboard trays for inside the LAN Station Painting the wood after lots of cutting in our custom painting booth Painting main pieces Finished Motherboard trays Motherboard stand-offs Tin-foil to make the cold cathodes more effective Cold cathodes mounted Tin foil working great! Bolting in Motherboards Beginning construction of monitor portion Drilling ports for the monitor cables Mounting Monitors Almost completed Monitor portion Routing cables before installing backplate Side pieces and backboard Mounting sides Almost constructed Drilling Cable management holes Getting ready to screw in monitor plate More cable management Cleaning the mess Cable management wall finished Disk drives going flat black Industrial Velcro to mount power supplies Motherboard trays in Plexi- glass for graphics card mounting Almost done Finished, Cant forget to overclock! Running stable!