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  1. On Friday, a nice package of Aquatuning has arrived. Many thanks again to this place for it. Some will make the heart bleed now when they see what I do with this stuff One half of the radiator is closed down. The water then passes purely on one side, and back out on the other side. The direction of opening the channels are then soldered. Mark first ... ...and cut. A channel I have been honing their length. The material was then so thin that was nothing more, so i just put a zip tie in the channel. I have sometimes made ​​a connection. First stuck and then cut with the angle grinder and polished. So, that's it again...
  2. This is a very exciting project, especially for a carpenter I have so far only built a project with wood, but since I have veneer. It's great pleasure that I also am building something out of wood. Keep it up Ps: I hope your USB ports are not too far inside. As I had in my "Green Power" project has problems almost
  3. Today there are only a small update. I now have the last two holes made ​​in the case. Then come now all the details on the hardware. Now I wait for the parts of the watercooling First, I have again the board was a little revision, then release it
  4. Thanks. I do not know yet if I use the onboard graphics or a fake Sli do The one with the red edge I've ever considered, but then it is no longer acting as noble as if the edges are polished. Today I thought I once made ​​the next cut. Since the graphics card is below the upper section they are seen only bad. Therefore, I will later make a cut. This was the first idea, but to me not so liked... I've from this picture... ...and this... ...the here done with a photo editing program. What do you think? Then I taped a second cut. In the top is a HDD bay. I would edit a HDD and poke it in So, what do you think fits ... so? Do you have any other suggestions?
  5. Today was not the case further, but in something which is then installed. Here, the victim of a defect 8800GTX ... VIDEO I am about the only thing like time with the angle grinder ago :dremel: That was cut out after it ... not very nice ...first disassembled, all cleaned and filed. The other cover was indeed such an ugly stickers on it. I did not get off. But I was still a 2nd defective 8800GTX lying around. So from then stole the cover. To create later in the motherboard is not shorted, I sanded the pins on the PCB. So, that's it again.
  6. Here I have the introductory video. The video from cutting comes tomorrow (its German)
  7. Today I finally started with the "Cross-Section" Case. First, I've spent half an tape roll to figure out where I cut holes that clean: D Then it was fate. First of coarse with the hacksaw, and then continues with the separating grinder. I also made a movie that I'm ready but not until tomorrow. Before the question comes on ... the power supply gets a perspex paneling. In the front hole is then later a drive that is also open. This should also work then. So, that's it again ...
  8. Sorry, I forgot to say that I can not speak English, so I translate everything with google. I have the text above Reworked slightly. I hope it's better to read now. I am glad that you like the project
  9. Hi, I'm starting the same time my next project. It is a converted Coolermaster CM 690th. Many thanks to Cooler Master that I have the case made ​​available. The name is the motto. Here is an example picture of what it means. So actually the case remains in its original condition. I cut hald many holes in, so that one sees on the hardware. I do sometimes a small list of what is planned now to this: [*:lswwhoqd]Cut case back of a corner, as well as a fan is to be halved, so the CPU also sees cooler because some fins and a heat pipe broached. [*:lswwhoqd]A memory is reduced by half, but that nothing can happen to be ground off the contacts, so the only the PCB is inserted. [*:lswwhoqd]with a graphics card the same thing happens. [*:lswwhoqd]A HDD is cut by. [*:lswwhoqd]Up front a DVD drive is installed, the will also get a cut. Whether the work is still is unclear. If not, we are including a second installed that will go then. [*:lswwhoqd]the ATX cable I want to cut through, you can see the cross section of the cable bundle. Since I will then concealed a 2nd Attach. possibly laterally from the connector. If necessary solder but even if not I am the friend of it. [*:lswwhoqd]what I will do yet, I decide then if I fall over her. Maybe yes come from you or any good tips. Here are some pictures of the untouched state. Today I've already started it. Update is perhaps