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  1. New Year new project, although it is to be held in a antec 1200, this new project will be done with head and trunk and slowly. A big thanks to sponsorship by cooler master Hardware: Cpu: intel core i5 750 Motherboard: Foxcoon Inferno katana hdd: Samsung f3 2tb sata Fans: Xigmateck 120mm Ram: g.skill 4gb Power supply: Silverstone strider 750w Watercooling: ??????? Photos of the victim Now I will start to dismantle and make the cuts Renders very soon
  2. Good. I'm new here and I leave my current PC. Already another project to make it, but his time will know Hardware: case: cooler master storm scout cpu: Intel i5 750 2.66ghz stock (oc 3.40ghz) Board: Foxconn inferno katana p55 hdd: Samsung f3 2tb sata Ram: G.SKill 4GB (2x2GB) 1600 C9 RipJaws dvd rom drive: Lg 16X 52X Bulk black Sata power supply: ocz modxstream pro 500w Grafic card: xfx ati radeon hd5770 1024mb xxx Watercooling: pump: Swiftech MCP350 (modd 18w) Reservator : EK multioption 100mm Tube: Feser tube black uv 13/10 Conector: barb feser 13/10mm - Silver Liquid: LiquidCool - blue cpu block: Magicool rev2 Photos!!!! Started out like this: I bought some acrylic pieces already made: After some time has passed for the following: I took the team have changed the pump tubing and a toilet and got into a dial button anti vandalism by key. When buying a motherboard that obviously had to disassemble the whole pc and have got better then the tubes, ja ke cables are properly stowed and not had to touch them. Recently bought a ram cooler purchases. A few last photos to see where he was born and usb wires from power Also you have to let a few pictures of the notion that to really see into the room, the machine does not pick up the interesting detail, but can not seem to live shall pipe, so the springs, as derived from the tube is black and the inside of case, the LEDs of fans hit the tube and it seems that no axim tube. Sorry for my english and the poor quality photo