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  1. OK time to move on, fan mode: Under UV light: Few small case moddifications: Here You can see pump mod: And some sleeving: Sleeving could be better. Cable menegment mode: My hands was bit shaking and its not like it should be, but it not so bad. Switch for UV Cathodes: Block for GeForce 9600GT to PhysX: and after nickle plating: Mobo I/O Backplate & GFX slots after powder coating: I installed blocks for GPUs, MOBO & MEM: New home for HDDs: I had to do 4 extra holes, to fit it to 5.25 bays: Now fits perfect: Some cable menagment on back tray: Mobo armed and ready to fight: Covers for Lamptrons ready, some photos: And DVD cover: Nearly finish: Cathodes on: Side cover for 360 top radiator: Original holes for cable menagment in case covered by UV grenn plexy: UV Cathodes to glow UV green plexy: Plexy under UV: Final version: Thank You for watching, hope You like it.
  2. Hello everyone On the begining I want to apologise for my english, it isn't my primary language so please by tolerant, I won't be writing much instead of that I will try show more pictures. I want to show You my latest project "Acid Veins", some of You could see it on other forums, but for those who didn't enjoy. Main Components: DFI DK X58-T3eH6 Intel i7 920 OCZ 6GB PC312800 CL7 Sapphire HD R5850 + GeForce 9600 GT SilverStone Strider 1000W - ST1000 WC Components: EK Water Blocks EK-CoolStream RAD XT 240 EK Water Blocks EK-CoolStream RAD XT 360 Laing DDC-pump + Acrylic Top EK Multioption Reservoir Res X2 250 Basic "Veins" 10/13 EK Water Blocks EK-Supreme LT Acetal+Nickel NB - EK Water Blocks EK-NB/SB 5 Acetal EK Water Blocks EK-FC5850 Acetal + Nickel + EK Water Blocks EK-FC5850/5870 RAM Backplate - Black + EK Water Blocks EK-FC9600 SLI - Acetal VGA Block MIPS RAM cooler 5 incl. 3 RAM Module Nickel POM Limited Edition Thermochill EC-6 Clear 1000ml + Mayhems Dye Other Components: Aquacomputer USB Poweradjust 2 Pump Controller : Ultra 2x Lamptron Fan-Atic: 5-port 7x 120mm Enermax Magma (Green) 3x 120mm Scythe Kaze Jyuni Slip Stream 120mm Fan 1900 RPM How Cosmos S looks everyone know so I will skip showing it and start from naked pictures of case: Hole for 240 radiator on bottom: Rivets removed, case in pieces, many pieces ready to powder coat (black matt): Visit in powder coat workshop: couple minutes in furnace: and we have it: Putting case back together: