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  1. it's been a long while since I posted but no crashes yet with my "not screwing the risers in all the way idea" But this sounds even better, is there a link for what you're talking about so we can shop for these? This seems more feasible as it was a pain to measure how much to unscrew the risers...and sometimes when screwing the MB in some risers would sink
  2. It's actually easier than you thought. It takes a while to get used to but once you get it done it's easy (it was hard for me at first as well). The key is putting the bottom in first making sure you can push the top forward so it fits perfectly under the top rim, then just slide the side-cover forward and that's it! Make sure the bottom parts line up though (there are some extended fins that must go on the bottom a certain way...)
  3. Hiding wires behind the mobo tray makes working inside (and looks) easier. If you tried it once you won't turn back. You can hide the power cable behind the tray and that thick thing will be out of the way and you'll be surprised how much space you have left...and when all the power is routed from the back to the front you'll gain this entire middle area inside the case. It's nice, try it sometime (if you have a case that allows it)
  4. Drive up cost? I would imagine they would use the same machines they make the cases in, but rather completing the entire case they would have separate parts and therefore drive the cost down (almost like selling an incomplete case though in this case *ahem* it wouldn't be) Yeah, what a pain you can't hide wires behind the mb tray If the side cover (or the tension bar was a little thinner)...... bleh, this case is full of small pickings for me But it does have excellent cooling........ (which is one of the reasons I bought it, with all the components I had I sorta needed it).
  5. but if they remove the BTX kit they can probably sell the stacker around $200 (I got mine for $220), then if they have an addon option for BTX or bottom hard drive bay, maybe it'll cost 50-60 for both including fans and bays etc...that would still be LESS than the tj07 and make the competition one-sided. Yeah you can't hide cables behind the MB tray, the side panels have this insert that gets in the way (I've tried hiding other cables beside the power supply but it turned out to be an unhealthy grind with those cables) So the sidepanels could be a little bit worked on to allow space. I really like the addons idea, this would let people "build" their own cases and give people options. If they want the cheap good looking cm stacker 530 they can cheaply get it (a bit cheaper). Not only that, people will buy the 530 realizing they have an option to upgrade in the future with wheels and more hard drive bays! (having 6 at the bottom would leave 9 in the top, and the fact you can compamentalize...everything would just turn out great in the motto "stacker, you choose") And then if you add bays that can mount drives sideways or rightside up (including the bottom extension of the case), you have yourself a golden case most likely under $300... It allows excellent expandability that can transform into a server down the road if people wishes, it guarantees longevity and give the security you don't have to get a bigger case to add more drives! HTPC users and even companies would benefit from this. It'd be a first in the case world I know, but I truly believe it would work and hopefully CM is looking at my posts... I really like the cases (though I'm fed up with the CM 830 flaws) as I said, and they could really destroy all competition in something that hasn't been done before. Wouldn't you want to buy it knowing you don't have to keep upgrading cases for bigger stuff? Knowing you can add more drives and comparmentalize while have the ability for another powersupply at the same time gain water cooling room!? And that is INSIDE the case!!
  6. Oh I mean just a hard drive not along with a 5 1/4 drive panel. I mean if you install an HD in there (maybe with an HD cooler) and then put the USB plastic bracket back on, would it work?
  7. well I mean for the CM 830 that would be EVERYTHING the tj07 is but MORE! With the bays on the bottom of the drive (6 hard drive) and the ability to put 1-3 power supplies in the bottom/top...I mean with the top powersupply gone one can put another 120cm fan there...and with the side panel as it is and hard drives comparmentalized (with options for putting them in front) it's just SUPER! But modders haven't created the sideways-optional drive bays, have they? So basically what I'mn thinking is a stacker looking like the tj07 on the bottom for about $300 which is $70 less than their case plus a lot more extra features. Need to find sheet metal and grills though to start the project. The key aspect is the weight of the CM830 on this bottom addition.
  8. I've done everything... I even ripped the tip of the PCI metal off my card and it still didn't seat properly. It's the risers or MB tray.... So I found loosening the risers worked though it was annoying because all should be the same height. Maybe you guys should recheck your risers and/or ship new ones that work with the cases (unless the one I have is defective!?)
  9. nice, thanks! Were you able to hide a hard drive up there (just curious)? It might be just easier to pull the top part, rearrange the cables and then fit it with a hard drive
  10. I hope you CM people are listening...I haven't totally given up on you guys though I'm still angered at the flaws of the CM 830 (but otherwise it was the case I was looking for). I hope these suggestions are listened well. There should be an addon for the stacker, I looked at the bottom of the case and noticed normal screws but I'm not sure if those are to remove the feet frames or the bottom part of the case. Anyway, what would absolutely tear the TJ07 apart (and I'm sure other people would love it too) is to have an addon to allow 6 drives (similarly to the tj07) and another powersupply option or a radiator. This bottom would have grills and filter much like the top, but if this bottom can be added (with the option of an add-on) for maybe 30-50 it would be absolutely amazing. Along with new legs/wheels this would tear the tj07 apart for sure. I also suggest getting rid of the BTX and making it optional much like the addon so the price of the case can be lowered. Also, please fix the 4-in-3 and make it aluminum (on top of spacing out the hard drives more efficiently. I really suggest addons (like make your own case! lol) and I'm sure it'll drive sells crazilly. Serious though, what would the tj07 have on this new case with addons!? Create the super stacker in which case there are removeable 5 1/4 modules. Perhaps it would need 12 bays and 3 modules, but the key is (and this goes along with the future 3 1/2 modules which go inside the 5 1/4) is that you can actually have the option of mounting them sideways. So therefore you could almost save room by mounting your drives sideways (whether it's a optical or hard drive)! And also keep the add on option! I'm actually really thinking of modding my 830 if I can find pieces of strong aluminum anywhere (know of one?) But if there was an addon I would buy it. Just imagine the 830 with 6 hard drives to put on the bottom and with 9 more bays at the top! And all heat would be separated and awesome! I measured it and it seems doable, it might just perfectly fit hard drives and a fan mounted to the width of the case. Also I'm sure there is a design (I might do it in photoshop) that would still make the CM830 sexy. Man would that be awesome... and man if the super stacker ever existed with these options in would be great! I really support optional add-ons! That would make the best case in the world. I hope you use these ideas well otherwise I might set up my own case company Also another would be great if a new more outward panel was created for the CM830 so this and other future cases may have the options of cables being wired behind the MB tray (which MOST people actually like, it makes the inside less busy and more pretty). That's another tiny flaw with the 830 that I hate And yet another was something that I thought might've been a trick innovation...using the 120mm fan holders for the front of the case actually worked! That is...Until I realized it didn't fit properly which in turn caused a loud buzzing vibration noise (and here I thought cooler master thought of this trick through So close......., I guess it was just a coincidence that they were almost the same size? Woudl've been cool though!)
  11. I think the uneven PCI slots is a big thing (and the main turnoff and cause for many negative reviews). Unless it is actually phased out in the product line, this is going to continue to be negative. I still wish the case was about 2 slots taller. I also still wish that the 4-in-3 would be modified for aluminum and optimum air flow (optimum spacing too). I just don't understand, the 4-in-3 is so old it still has the screw holes for a floppy drive yet it was denounced by cooler master long ago (that it is recommended to use the brackets rather than those holes!!) Bleh bleh bleh. If only it had the original stacker specs with it's upgrades it would totally be fantastic! (What about wheels!?!?) I would spend an extra $50 for that (for this newer stacker). I mean so many minor things, like the door that drags on the rug because the feet don't hold it up enough.......makes no sense, this thing was not tested/used on rugs prior to release? WHy was the bottom grill removed? Is the space above the top fan meant to fit a radiator (ie, why is that there). I'll make another try at the hidden 5 1/4 once my new hard drive comes in. I do know I can sort of put some external hard drive holder behind the first few 5 1/4 slots (of course this depends on how long your PCI cards are, but they shouldn't be that long). What's crazy is that my x1800XL is the length of my motherboard! Anyway, I guess I'll still be looking for that perfect case - this could've so easily been... I wonder if any cooler master rep can respond to me and my questions? Or does anyone else know?? while I'm on a roll on this thread...does anyone know how to remove the USB plastic box from the top of this CM 830 case so I can re-attach the USB cable...? I've tried unscrewing it but I don't know where to go from there, and I don't want to break it....
  12. don't you find the 4-in-3 not well built? Like the spacing could DEFINITELY be better and it could DEFINITELY be lighter I've tried fitting an HD back there and one of the USB things came un done I tried taking the panel off but I don't want to break anything, I have no idea how to put the USB cord back in. The HD I tried fitting wasn't using their brackets though, I'll try that when my raptor comes in. But I did use a basic brass-colored bracket and it DID NOT fit (and was the most annoying the ever - that's when the USB cord just randomly came off). The end of the drive just bashes against the end parts of the wires (and I swear it hits the breadboard back there). I've had only pains with this case since my computer died and I've been without one since I got this wretched thing. I expected what the reviews said but since got utter disappointment. It's hard to work in that hidden bay, but if the 4-in-3 actually worked better I would have no complaints and would've been quite astounded (I might've even bought another one!) But I was disappointed the way it was made (same as it was made a LONG TIME AGO for the old stacker, where is the innovation!?!?) Plus there's that empty spacing below the first 5 1/4 spot, I'd rather have at LEAST 10 bays so they can hold true to the fact (and not throw people off) that you can have a total of 9 FANS! But DUH! IF YOU DO you can't have a CDROM or anything! IMHO the design is a step backwards in that area though there a very little steps forward (perhaps I could get a corrected MOBO tray?? I still can't get over how nice the support is but how WRONG they are and how they don't make any sense - put the PCI card behind the slit? Who in their right mind could do that? WHy did they even think about that?) Just curious where did you buy your case? I've heard nummerous complaints on my problem, perhaps it's where you buy it... Also, another negative is how inaccessable the screws are in the case. You better hope you didn't tighten them so you can't untighten them with YOUR HAND so you can make some sort of upgrade in the expansion slots.... UGH so many little things adds up... LoL also, that measurement you got, does that include the doors/fans? I'm talking about ACTUAL inside space compared to the original stacker... it is smaller
  13. Ugh, where do I start... Ok I posted before about the PCI/AGP cards not being seated properly (and posted pics as well). So I finally got my new computer and attempted everything again, once AGAIN everything isn't seated properly! What's with this? It seems multiple people are having the same problem so it must be a certain batch of stackers 830! But this is the most annoying thing ever for the premium price I pay!! This is poor especially when the customer support guy doesn't EXPLAIN what he means by putting PCI cards BEHIND the slits to avoid the problem! He said he would post screenshots, but he didn't... Poor poor poor... So to make things better I ripped off the slits and unscrewed the risers a bit. But again, this shouldn't happen, I've never had a case with this problem and this is pure utter annoyance (maybe they send me the wrong sized risers? I don't know!) So it sort of works now after the much un-needed annoyance and the fact some risers will screw in when you screw on the motherboard (so you have to be careful!) Next...the hidden 5 1/4 bay is utterly useless, what kind of design is this? It might as well be blocked off, you can't fit a hd in there, the very tip is blocked! Next the 4-in-3 module sucks, it's steel, adds 10 pounds and when you add more hds it's even more, the spacing is not even sufficient especially for the name "cooler master" you'd expect your components to be cool!? But no, the drives are barely a part though this COULD EASILY be fixed with the right measurements and holes (either take the top off or just make holes on the top and make the top hard drive right next to the top - almost touching). It's really annoying to be so heavy in the first place since this case is aluminum and supposed to be lighter than the original stacker. And what is this 4-in-3 module that is exactly the same? PLus aluminum would've had better heat dissipation. So this is a flunking grade from me, with a name like cooler master you would expect more and expect them to even change the 4-in-3 module to fit this new aluminum design of the stacker. Next, this is waaaay overpriced. True aluminum counterparts of cases are more expensive, but let's compare the two stackers. Old stacker: 12 total 5 1/4 (one being occupied by the power button) (BIG THING HERE) 2 power supply areas A grill on the bottom wheels This is just ~$150 New Stacker: 9 total bays (can't count the useless one) Shorter (because the handle takes up ONE BAY, this could've been implemented better - what's that space for!?!?) This is supposedly longer but take into account the door takes up space This is supposedly wider but take into account the bracket for the fans. So in reality you have a shorter stacker with some nice features but a lot of flaws. Why have the 5 1/4 bay useless? So being as it is I'd say this is worth $20 from the old stacker. Because the de-evolution of the old stacker is great, however it's aluminum....BUT with the 4-in-3 it's heavy. I really wanted to like this case, but there're just so many flaws. It's like the designers though (Oh, this is a great idea to put grills and fan slots and make it BTX on the fly....) without looking at what made the old stacker good. WORSE it is so overpriced at $290 in newegg which is NOT worth it IMHO ESPECIALLY if you get the MB tray to not properly seat your cards which could damage them. Shame, shame even probably disclose PERFECT version to popular review sites yet have the customer suffer factory flaws such as these. I'd have to say that with the features of this product the stacker 830 = old stacker It's a shame you guys couldn't move forward I really, really wanted to love this case as I struggled with it...It had what I was looking for though the measurements are a throwoff, because they ARE NOT how much room you get to work with, rather the inside is DEFINITELY SMALLER than the old stacker because of the height advantage (and it might even be less length). I am so disappointed to have spent so much money on this flaw product, it would have been better if people weren't having these problems with the PCI slots - that was the killer right there (above all the other flaws). So if you're looking to buy a stacker 830, beware...I have yet to see a comprehensive way for the cooler master people to handle this rather than say "look, our perfect case works for us" For A LOT of people out there, there is this flaw...sad that this was one of the most anticipated case yet turned out to be the most disappointing. I prefer my Antec Soho style server case over this although there are no filters and grills. I mean come on! BTX convertible is nice but how much do people use it? That's $20 right there maybe so $290-$20 = 270, still damn overpriced. This isn't worth $50 more than the older brother! They're about equals! Customer support have been nice, but unfortunately they haven't gotten anywhere to actually resolving the problem ("put your PCI cards BEHIND the slits", what kind of rediculous idea IS THAT?) Reply if you wish, I'm looking for any sort of response to this offensive-intended post (how else are people supposed to listen without telling the truth?) Oh by the way, my old board that didn't work was an MSI and it was suggested that it wasn't there fault. BUT all MB should be the same, my new motherboard is an ASUS and couldn't work without much stress and frustration....
  14. yeah I used the risers from the packaging. It seems that the MAIN issue is the slits...I don't know why the representative of coolermaster on the phone said PUT THEM BEHIND the slit when there's obviously no room for that. But if you widen the slits a bit, the pci cards/agp cards fit almost perfectly... and oh yeah, you don't have to feel like breaking them when you're jamming them in (because you don't have to jam them in anymore)
  15. So I'm going to take a guess that it's truly the slits? I find that if I bend them it's SOOOO much easier to put in the cards, and even though they're not 100% seated, they are seated pretty well (I can probably do minor riser adjustments to fix it). Check the slits on your MB tray, are they bigger than mine?