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  1. Thanks, it took alot of time(and bondo) to get the final result. I think next time i will use a different method. The pipes and muffler inside the case are off a Ninja that was in an accident and was waiting to be wrecked. This mod was alot of fun. Regards
  2. Well it is finally finished and I am pretty happy. Ive learned quite a bit with this mod(as it was my very first) and im looking forward to the next one I can do. I will have to do a search for more contests to keep me practising! Anyone have any suggestions? In the meantime here are the final pictures, hope you like them and good luck to you all!
  3. On the next build most likely, Thank you for the ideas, Good luck to you too!
  4. Here are some more pics. It is pretty much done, let me know what you think!
  5. Here are some new updates, I should be finished this weekend Part of the interior pipes(to hide all the wires) Installed power supply Installed exhaust pipe for show, need to clean up around it
  6. Im Glad Everyone likes it! Here are some more pics, let me know what you think: Now its ready for the inside, hopefully all should be finished this week. Sorry for the bad pics im not the best photographer!
  7. Thank you eveyone, I'm glad you all like it. Good luck to us all!!!
  8. Thanks, Im almost there! The Green and Black really go well together.
  9. The painting is finished, I have sprayed clearcoat on both the inside and outside. I have assembled the case and its almost complete! here are some pics
  10. Thank you, the green paint doesnt look the greatest in the photos. Looks much better in person.
  11. I start to mask off the side panels for the racing stripe Spray for background of racing stipe The stripe is finished and now im on to the next step.