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  1. internal paint job so, the overkill fan grill for the top 200 mm fan is actually removable if desired for cleaning and replacing functions oh yes.....the attachment there's enough room to fit 6 single rad, 3 double rad and 2 triple rad. Unfortunately, they are however limited as it can only fit 120mm fans and no, NO quad fan rad. Remember what I said before, the holes are cut out as same as the 100 mm fan's size cuz I'm gonna make it tool-es . Example, you have a triple rad, and you just snap it in, no screws, and you're done the back vent for ventilation reasons which I can't yet solve and back to the case so, here are my post for the completed work and vote for me please and later, check me out as I fit in all the pc components To VOTE : go to click http://casemod2011.coolermaster.com/contestant.php and click Tower, and find my project name and you know what to do .
  2. the custom overkill fan grill of min and before I forget, I did loads of paint job just now and yes, the internal is finally covered with a piece of matte black painted acrylic. Function, prevent the heat of the psu from rising and better cable management. I'll show you when I fix in the pc components removable by the way all those wires gone aha, cheap trick the fan...... top 200mm fan
  3. Whoa.....that was not good. So , I did some updates early today and here they are NOTE : These are only the finished pictures of the mod. Check the post before this for the work
  4. The Teaser Trailer.............lol, better off like slideshow to me TheRMonUCleAr is finally here what you're about to see is real....... NOO, doesn't look good enough, going to remake it tomorrow since I still got some time left. final impression..... so, since I'm going to modify a little and fit my pc parts in there, please check back. Btw, please vote for me. Sorry if I made any of you angry and frustrated some of you. One word, I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. Still, please vote for me( depends on you) And I would like to thank all of you who followed my long post and giving me the courage to move on even I met some difficulties.
  5. Ok, finally .................its here.......... So, the plate is now mounted and welded to the overkill fan grill sadly, I gotta leave some space there so that it can fit grr.........looks mean
  6. wow, you are one busy person btw made holes with the pre-made template and done.....but hey, there's more.
  7. the nuclear sign is done, and some clear coat are added front panel placed in the sign is welded to the front attachment again with another piece of acrylic I randomly cut out a piece and trimmed it so that I can fit it to the back overkill fan grill place a 120mm fan and make a hole outta it the hole is out and having a paint job
  8. back to the brackets....2 yellow, 3 black for the HDD cages so does the tool-es dvd brackets the top side painted black...... the one with power button http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=haf+922&view=detail&id=9CC37C5BF74A9AF7044573BF3982BB9BE4A1BE64&first=0&FORM=IDFRIR the original bezel? meh, leave them there back to the attachment a piece of white card to the top fan overkill fan gril nicely welded front panel nicely fitted fan placed in outside, a pre-cut piece of card which matched the one before painted matte black and a nuclear logo on top
  9. alright.......the pics are done uploading so, from right to left wires......screws and all that good stuff case fans mesh bezel and HDD slots DVD Slots , PCIE Brackets tha big guy wrap both ends of the wires for painting 3 of them black and the other 3 in yellow painted the fan yellow the stock 120mm fan that came with the case matte black while waiting for it to dry, the piece of black painted acrylic is welded to the front of the attachment
  10. painted it with shiny black color currently around 10.25 p.m when I'm painting so, it looks great some grey and yellow paint for the furnishing of the case and effects done, you might not be able to see them in some pics a clear coat so, a piece of acrylic used for the front panel of the attachment sand it and paint it
  11. so the back of the attachment with added effects and a coat of clear paint the 2 pieces of acrylic dried up and added effects and clear coat ok, dried up looks fantastic this is one however is the intake of the attachment so here's the cut out for the painted bezel I did just now, and I wanna fit it horizontally to the top some double-sided tape will do the trick sticking it there while I weld it done welding aha, back to the original case
  12. fit or not? so here's a piece of bezel which is leftover from last time's cuttings and paint it in matte black the 2 pieces of cards with added effects I bet you think its acrylic or metal XD cuz they really looked like it XD and again, the leftover bezel with stripes going to fit it into the hole done going to stick the card put a weigh on it to make sure it sticks properly looks awesome and see the hole there, I'm gonna do something to it remember the two pieces of acrylic I left before? the one which is sanded (left) and another one known as X marks the spot fit them here sand mr x too and give them a paint job
  13. As you wish XD so this is from the evening till late night lol 2 pieces of the cut out card looking nice I can see the finished look already got a new tube of glue ooh......nice effects done so em, the hole ( sorry, for that, loast my dialog going to stick the pvc pipe to it done