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  1. Thanks for the link, ideally I would like to run larger fans at slower rpm with the ability to crank it way up. I currently run 8 hard drives and a 7800gt on my dual core, I think arguably running another 5 or 10w on fans isn't going to make much of a difference (but hey, I bike everywhere I can, do you?). I'm all for the fans you linked to if I can find a way to kill the bloody LED. They're also a little thin which kind of scares me since it seems thicker fans respond better to underclocking.
  2. Thats what I thought, but 10mm really isn't that much extra to go to the 150 mark. I suppose I could always just start hacking away at the plastic mounting frame. Once I find some fans to put in it at least.
  3. When I decided to put in fans to the side panel I realized that when plucking out the fan holders you could fit much larger fans in there. It looks like you could put in 140mm fans, maybe 150mm? Only two companies I've found even make fans that big, but it might be nice if I can bring the edge down a bit off of my fairly loud 120mmx38mm's. It also seems like you could remove the top fan mount and mold on one of those 172x150mm fans that are ~260cfm outside of the case for super exhaust? Anybody else thought about going bigger in the 830?
  4. I think some pics of the skateboard should be in order I have my 830 sitting next to me on my table, the biggest issue is depth since I have to keep it at an angle on my table just to get it to fit. I definitely agree that it has a tendancy to loom
  5. Yeah there is sort of a trick to it. It took me a while to get it on in the first few tries. Not exactly what I wanted either but its a really not so bad
  6. 2 people have the issue at least, another person posted in the thread I started that they were having similar problems. I've posted so many pics it makes my head spin and now that I'm running my system for real I can't really start yanking things out sadly.
  7. Are you using a bunch of floppies? Mine came with I think 2 of them.
  8. hokahoka

    810/830 Mesh Window

    I've found that the panel collects a bit of dust, so it acts sort of like a filter. Though most the particles it catches are huge. Personally I have a lot of input fans in my case so it runs a very high pressure I assume, so the only dust comes in through that side panel and the front fans. It also looks pretty sweet.
  9. The 830 comes with some connectors for a cross flow fan and in the manual there is a HOWTO for it. Maybe its not available or you are wrong? signed, 4x 120mm on the sidepanel 830 owner
  10. Yeah what I meant by that is that the mesh catches a lot of dust. I have to wipe the mesh every 2 days or so if the fans are cranked up. With so much air being moved through it just can't be avoided.
  11. The a8n32 didn't "fit" basically, it would hit the end of the motherboard tray for some reason or another. Nobody else as far as I can tell had this problem, I was able to remedy it by having a roommate pull back on the vertical part of the tray while I screwed in the motherboard. Works fine but isn't ideal. The other problem with the a8n32 is that the firewire header cable doesn't reach, and the USB header cables barely reach. I'm currently working on a workaround for this, but more orless it involves manually making some cables. I've yet to hear back from CM about this issue. Theres some other minor beefs I have with the case, but all in all its an amazing piece of work, and hopefully the problems get ironed out.
  12. Good luck with your system. I've got an a8n32, s12 600 and a 7800gt and i can say that it seems to be mostly hit and miss errors. My best guess is that theres some very fine #'s that the manuf. plant has to stay within to get solid compatability, and sometimes my guess is they stray away from those numbers. The cooling really isn't bad, currently I've got 2x front 80mm fans from my hot swap cages, 4x 120mm panaflo mediums on the side and 120mm sflexs up top/rear. When I crank the panaflos up this case is like a dust magnet, so be careful of that too. My hd temps are as followings btw Hdd#1 Temperature 37 ºC Hdd#2 Temperature 35 ºC Hdd#3 Temperature 35 ºC Hdd#4 Temperature 35 ºC Hdd#5 Temperature 31 ºC The coolings very good once you get around all the problems either way. If you can deal with any issues and don't need the 11 bays totally go for the 830 signed, a happy 830 owner who had problems with the a8n32
  13. It seems like the side fan unit causes a lot of trouble, when I took off the fan panel the side panel went on with ease. I dunno exactly what it is but since I need all these fans I don't really have a choice
  14. So I switched the magnets to the other side of the door, not a complicated task but still work I wish I didn't have to do! You just have to pull off the ends, unscrew the mounts and carefully switch them around. It seems like every time I have to fix something regarding this case it gets scratched up a little more