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  1. essa mangueira da direito e na ponta ta meio fazia é p/ abastecer o sistema
  2. ola,ja comesei fazer a montagem das peças e do wtaer cooler,ja p/ finalizar meu prejeto. aki fiz um suporte com barra de resco e fiz um acabamento com uns cano de aluminium. o puporte vai des do watercooler ater o fan 12 da trazeira. nos fans coloquei os cano de aluminium p/ acompanhar o watercooler
  3. MY HARDWARE READY IF YOU HAVE MORE IDEAS KIT SIMPLE Watercooler now only ride the new toy hehehe
  4. I'll make some stickers BOUGHT A NEW AND WILL FIT VGA A WaterCooler NEW 3870X2 VGA
  5. painted black and now it was beautiful. I've now starting w / mounting hardware on the front did a bar with an LED bar Colca hot tips on putting green LED at the top I get this grid. and just leave the screen.
  6. this is the coolermaster 690 nvidia. I will disassemble sanding and painting of yellow reagent uv the result of the color was not expected, not nice yellow color of the reagent uv. I decided to redo the painting again. I will disassemble and paint flat black now.