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  1. Final pictures. Thanks a lot for the kind replys and i hope you enjoyed watching my worklog.
  2. Update 9. Almost finished the project and this is the last metalwork update. This was it for the metalwork next up are the final pictures.
  3. Update 8. This weekend it was time to work on the psu again. Lets do some work.I have quite a few pictures so this time i let the pictures do the talking have fun watching. The psu is almost done so i can almost move to the next part. More to come.
  4. Update 7. This weekend it was time to do some modding.The psu didnt look right so i had to give it an industrial look to fit in with the design. First i made the bottom plate from 2mm stainless and made de mounts for the print. Then i made a frame of 10 mm stainless rods and a fan mounting bracket. This is how it looks with the print mounted. Its not ready yet so more to come.
  5. Update 6. This weekend i made the hdd brackets.I used 2mm stainless for the brackets and a 10mm rod. First i cut and bend the brackets. Then i spotwelded them to the frame and after that i finished welding them. The looks. This was it for today.More to come.
  6. Thanks ASOUTER and yes this forum is very quiet and i also guess its the competition side of things.Thanks again and sure i will need luck.
  7. Update 5. This weekend it was time to do some modding.The intension was to get started with the hdd brackets but i got a strange feeling about the psu holder so it had to go.This also gave me the idea to change the design. The psu bracket. Then i removed the psu holder and covered my tracks. Then i changed the design and took some stainless 10mm rods and bended them and welded them to the frame. Mounted the front back on and this is how it looks. Finally i like it and i also got some crazy ideas on how to continue. More to come.
  8. Thanks Onyx and below on this page there is a subscribe line. Thanks Exe
  9. Update 4. Today it was time to do some modding.This time i made the mobotray. First i did some measurements and then some drawning and after that some cutting. Then i tapped all the holes with M3 and i usedf a drill.This saves a lot of time but be carefull keep the drill straight and use tap oil. I also made a small movie for the people who want to try it. After that i bend the tray and used temporary bolt for test fitting the mobo. Then i used some 10mm stainless rods and cut them to the right lenght did some bending and welded them on the tray. Time to weld the tray on the frame. Mounted the mobo and this is the result. This was it for today.
  10. Update 3. This weekend it was modding time again.This time i made a psu cover and finished the front. The parts im gonna use. Some bending. Bend the psu cover and weld it. Then i took some 10mm stainless rods and cut,bend and welded them. Ready to weld the cover on the frame. Now its time to finish the front.First i made a extra detail. Then i made the side pieces and they also cover the top.Then i made the mounting holes and welded the pieces on the front cover. the result. This was it for today.
  11. Update 2. This weekend it was time to do some modding again but first some pictures of new stuff. Time to do some work.First i cut the pieces i need from 2mm stainless steel. The i bend the pieces. Then i made the mounting points to mount the front panel.. Test fit. The next job was the fangrill.I welded the grill and after that i cut,bend and welded the 10mm hooks onto the grill. This is how it looks at this moment. More to come.
  12. Update 1. Today it was time to do some work on project Ignotus.First some new hardware. Now its time to do some work. First lasercut 11 spacers made off 2mm stainless steel. Then i cutt 2 axels of 10mm stainless steel and bended and welded all the parts together. Then i cutt 2 pieces square 20x20mm stainless,drilled,and welded the pieces. The parts are finished now so its time to weld them to the base. Mounted the reservoir and this is how it looks so far. More to come.
  13. Hey all, This is my entry for the CM 2013 Contest. Many people asked me to do an industrial build so i think its time to do one.This time no sanding and painting just plain stainless steel. Ignotus stands for unknown as i dont know what im gonna make this time i lett my hands do the work and i watch if its any good what they make. This is the only drawning i have. For this project im gonna use stainless steel only and no sanding and all the welds will be visible. The hardware : Cpu : intel core i7 980x Mobo : Gigabyte G1 Assasin Gpu : Gigabyte GV-N780OC-3GD Mem : Corsair dominator GT Hdd : 2 x 1TB Ssd : 1x 256 GB Psu : Coolermaster V1000 The cooling : Cpu : BP-WBCPUIBA-CUMBKSL Gpu : BP-WBVGNGTXTITANNPACIBK-SL Res : BP-WTZM400P-BK Rad : 1x 360 Pump : 1x D5 Fans : 10x CM Jet Flo Fittings : BP-WTP-C47 Pipe : 12mm copper Time to get started. Some hardware pictures. Lets do some work.First i start to make the parts for the base. All parts together. Time to weld it all together. This is how it looks at the moment. This was it for today and more to come.
  14. Thanks a lot eceforge and no its not mine i work there.
  15. Here it goes. I promissed to make a short movie from the desk in action.I am not steven spielberg and my english is not that great so dont try to laugh. The movie. I hope you liked it.
  16. The final update. It has been a very busy time for lately but the project is finally done.Im not a story teller kinda guy so just sit back en enjoy the pictures. I want to thank everyone for replying and reading my buildlog and i hope you did enjoy yourselfs. My 2012 entry is finished.Good luck to everyone.
  17. Thanks a lot CRW and soon it will be finisht.
  18. First i attached the frame to the backside along with the controlbox and the psu.I also mounted the oak backpanel and the new controls for the columns. The columns were not used fror some time so i did a little test and made a small movie while testing. Then i mounted the cpu block on the motherboard. Mounted the reservoirs and the motherboard on the mobotray. Then i start bending the pipes for the first loop. The loop is finisht at this point so then i mounted the gpu block and the backplate. Placed the gpu on the mobo. Next thing to do is instal the second gpu block and backplate and start bending the pipes for the second loop. First i mounted the waterblock,backplate and the twincoonect on the gpu.After that i finisht bending the second loop. I also put on the oak top on the desk just for the looks and it even looks better then i expect. The pictures speak for themselfs so have fun watching. More to come.
  19. The last couple of weeks i was drilling holes and sanding a lot of parts.So not much material to do an update but still it was a lot of work Here is one of the things i did. Everything is mounted now and the only thing i need to mount is the top. Last saturday i made the psu cover. First i bend the piece then weld it en at last some finishing. Then i drilled the holes in the frame and tapped them with m4 thread. The psu cover mounted on the frame and the psu mounted on the cover. Some jigsaw action. Test fit. Then i draw a grill and cut it with the lasercutter. Drilled the mounting holes in the cover and tapped them with m3 thread and after that i mounted the grill.This is how it looks at this point. I need some other controls. The controls for the columns are mounted underneath the desk and the chance you would damage it was big so i contect Linak and ask them for other controls. The new controls. First i drilled the holes. Then i cut a piece of 3mm alu and drilled the holes for the cables. Then i welded the plate and testfit the controls. Then i made the mounting brackets for mounting the oak top. First i made all the parts i need and then i drilled,tapped,welded,finisht and then mount them inside the desk. After that i made a hole in the backcover and mounted the connector.The desk only needs 1 powercord the rest will be inside. Like i said this is just a glimpse of what i did past 3 days and to be honest everytime i thought of taking a picture i was to late.The plan was to bring all parts to the coater tomorrow and i can tell you i made it the parts are ready to go. All parts together. Ready to go. The parts are back.I unpacked some parts a made a few pictures. Time to putt the desk together.This time i lett the pictures speak for themself. I also painted the parts that needed to be painted. The frontgrill. Some brushing. Painted it with varnish. Then i sanded the oak and painted it with bootslak. More to come.