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  1. Oh well, looks like I'll give it a miss this year. I'm reviving my long discontinued project K3N next month...
  2. Hm... I still have one unfinished project sitting next to me
  3. BETA is now finished... check the final photos in post no.1
  4. some internals that arrived today... including CM V8 cpu cooler
  5. After a short break (2weeks holiday) I'm back and started to work on a mobo cover and it's stand-offs. I'm going to use 3mm dark tint perspex for the cover and 10mm OD perspex rod for stand offs (4cm long). Internals should arrive soon...
  6. Thanks guys I've been away for holidays for last 2 weeks, but I'm going to fill it with internals soon. I ordered V8 for it 10min. ago
  7. chassis paint job top perspex panel
  8. The rest is all the progress I've made till now, in pictures. In short, I attached hinges to body panels, made a front panel, installed 180mm fan, build a chassis, painted it all and installed top perspex panel, and reattached side panel... And that's the case pretty much finished. All I need to do now is to get all the internals a fit them into the case. And fire it up
  9. Hi everyone! Project BETA.... As a name may suggest, it's going to be a secondary PC. The plan is to put together very compact, microATX based computer, capable of most every day tasks including some gaming. Also, to save even more space, no watercooling in this one (sorry). In fact the target is to use only ONE big fan for whole case airflow(excluding cpu, vga, psu fans). As I've used aluminium as my primary building material for ages now, it's time to try something new. So here is the concept in short. Aluminium chassis and fibreglass body panels. Yes, it's the fibreglassing that is new to me and this is where I'm going to start. If I can manage this part, the rest should by ok, as I worked with aluminium a lot. The colour pattern will be white and black, but probably with some extra spice, like green cabling or some other detail inside of the case. No concept pictures of rendering at the beginnig, but the idea is: a simple, but attractive design, and I'm sure you will catch the clues quickly if you will follow the work log. So this is how it all began. For start I ordered some styrofoam to sculpture a model for 2 main fibreglass panels. Left and right one, both the same shape. Once models finished, layer of body filler followed to tweak the finish and than the whole fiberglassing process. And here is how it went: time laps videos: