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  1. Heres some final photos! Video still under construction...
  2. Didn't realise I finished painting it and never came back to finish up this post! This is gonna be a big post... The power button location in the top right: You can see the gaps between the cubes and thin pieces. This gets filled in with wood filler. Close up of the motherboard through the side window A shot of the power button and my "clean" wiring solution by running the cables in the corner through the blocks This is where the cathode lights will be hanging from. I sanded down spots for them to rest The power button from the inside Lights on! Side where you can see the motherboard's rear Underneath shot of the legs to give it a floating look Pre-paint taping commence! Removal of some of the tape Components being installed after painting Taking it to PAX East! At PAX East! I am putting the video together right now of the whole thing being made in a time lapse and will have that up in the next few days with some better quality pictures! Thanks for checking this out and following along with my build.
  3. Thanks, Its a bit of cubes but compared to some of the other mods, this is a more manageable amount Back with some more pics and updates Close up of side door The power button will be where the hole is Other side of the hole with the button Installing the harddrives Brought it up stairs and had it next to the Baron
  4. More things! Mostly cubes Working on the side door here Top of the fan being worked on. Weighing the fan down with the assistance of nearby equipment I'm actually on the painting stages but trying to space out how many pictures I'm unloading here, ha.
  5. I ran into the issue of glue marks showing up inbetween the plastic cubes so I had to rely on the cubes sticking to the wood. In order to get the best bond I had to paint the plastic sides and then apply a cross glue to them. That is why you see a orange inner lining on the plastics. Heres an example of the wet spots I was trying to avoid... Working on the motherboard setting right now. Getting the PSU location set up and building out around the graphiccard locations. The second slot availble should SLI wanted to be an option for the future. Wood slides in to close it when not SLI USB hub in the top corner Building out the top with the fan. And my work zone for an idea of the area I'm working in. Working in the basement, so got the space heater below somone mitigating the cold...
  6. First update, here we go! Cutting down some wood to fit the inside of the case. Leaning the pieces together to get an idea of the size of the case Working with the cubes to give the pixelated look and build up the frame Front of the case, fogged cubes for the "?" to light up I'm breezing through and just begun working on the rear of the case. Hopefully I'll have the whole mod done in the next 2 weeks as I'm planning to take to PAX EAST in the BYOC area with the other modders!
  7. Hello! Welcome to the Mystery Block Mod thread. Guess what were building today? Yes, that's right a "?"! Well sort of, at least that will be in the design a few times. You may know the from Super Mario and that's pretty much what my design will be based off of. In my style of modding I like to mix things up and do my mods in a pix-elated theme building from wood cubes. Luckily, I can build my prototypes in Minecraft and then use that as a template to build the case in person. Here is the build in Minecraft This is the tiger I built in the background based off of the image above. Unfortunately it doesn't meet all the requirements for this competition and I won't be able to enter it in but gives a good example of how I use Minecraft to build my cases. So, back on track! The components I will be using are: Z68X-UD5-B3 PNY 240 SSD COOLER MASTER V550 SEMI-MODULAR PSU INTEL I5-3470 RADEON R9 270 Spectre pro LED fans I still got a little bit of time before I get working but I expect to be done with this in 2-3 weeks and I'll keep the updates rolling in as they come!
  8. I am interested to see who got what position, hope they update it soon
  9. Thanks Papang . I plan on making more and trying different methods/materials when possible. Not sure what to build yet, but I'm sure ill come up with something by the end of the year.
  10. Hi, and welcome to my scratch build. I like to make 8-bit wooden computer cases and what we have here is no exception! My other computers are the 8-bit Black Mage and 8-bit Super Mushroom PC. I prefer to use wooden 1 inch cubes in my builds as it gives the pc's a pixelated look and goes with the 8bit theme in that way. I am not very handy with tools but wanted to make a mod so I went with gluing cubes together. With every 8-bit case I make now I try to add something new to improve on my build process. This time I have added acryllic cubes which made it so I could have a light source incorporated into the mod's case. I chose to make the White Mage as I meant to make it a year ago but got side tracked into making the Super Mushroom. With no looking back I began on this mod! I have a time lapse video of the mod at the end of this log and have some pictures of the build process as I went. I prefer to use the build video as a mod log as you can see the whole thing be built from the first cube to the last. I am not a fan of having a picture of every couple minutes of work. Once I have my mind focused I like to just keep going and stay in the groove so I found making build videos melds with that. Build Video here: Components: -DP55SB Intel Extreme Motherboard -I7 680 Processor -40gb SSD -1TB HDD -Radeon 5850 -4gb DDR3 -650 Watt Modular PSU -250mm Cooler Master Intake fan (Red) I brought the PC to PAX East 2011 and it was well received with other gamers at the convention. So here are the pics I have: Where it all begins, 1 inch wooden cubes The acrylic bits being added to this mod Heres the side of the pc With the bottom done with Cooler Master Fan, and front/side wall in progress Heres the back with mobo in place. Face The Black opal glass eyes added Pictures of the hooded part of the robe Can also be worn as a fashion statement Near final pictures before paint The new lighting system I am trying out After some paint This is the White Mage next to my other 2 mod's to give Perspective. and heres the build video: The mouth is the Dvd drive with a small cube as the button and the right hand is the power button to turn on the computer. Thanks for your time!