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  1. Please Read this First before making any Comments on the Work I have done. I built this 1x off PC for my Young Son who is Nine, as he supports MANCHESTER UNITED. I ENTERED this competition on being the Tower Mod section, but have been told it has to be under the Scratch Build section. I used a Antec 902 Hundred PC Case second hand which I brought on Ebay as this Case has the best looks for what I need for the top view and the front view like the Old Trafford ( MANCHESTER UNITED ) Stadium. Because I have used this Case and not a Cooler Master PC Case it has to be now the Scratch Build. Which this is not the case with this Antec 902.
  2. On the Two Nvidias 470s Graphic Cards, I have replaced the Heatsink Coolers with the Zalman Cooler VF3000 series. I modded the Fan input cable by putting Red Sleveing and Red Heatshrink over the Fan cable. On the Bottom Graphic Card I have removed the Green Plastic Cover as it was butting up next to the PSU. One Graphics Card takes up to Three Slots on your Motherboard so you are very Ltd. To what you can put on the Motherboard. On start up and idle the Temp. of both Cards is about the same 46c, under Load it is about 50c to 60c depending on what game you play. The Cooler Master CPU Cooler V8 I used, I have taken the Top Plastic Cover off and spayed two Different coats of Red Paint. In the Photos I have posted you can not see this well, it looks like a Cars Engine Cover. I have Modded the Fan input cable the same as I have done with the Zalman Heatsinks for the Graphics Cards.
  3. On the Antec 902 Hundred Case there is no speaker holder for any speaker for the bios bootup or for any error codes that might happen. I got a speaker and a speaker holder from an old PC case cut the holder to size to fit in the new case and spayed it Red the same colour as the inside of the case. Once it was spayed I placed it under the BLU-RAY Burner Bay and wired into place on the Motherboard, as shown in the photos.
  4. The Last Photos of this Build Part Three, Thank you for all of you for looking at this Build.
  5. I thought there would be to much information in the other posts for all of the photos that I need to post, so this is the final one for this Project. I am sorry there has not being a Photo for each thing that I built as I had to work on this build late at night when my Children were a sleep. I have included a photo of my Son using his new PC using his Nvidia 3D Glasses playing his Doctor Who Game, which enjoys playing. I have cut out a 70mm Hole at the bottom of the Antec 902 Case for a 80mm Red Fan unit needed for more cooling. I have also cut out on the side where the Motherboard is screwed into place two extra cooling holes for the Motherboard. Thus is what the front entrance to the stadium looks like with its large white pliers. I have cut on the right side case a big air vent, the same shape and size as the one on the see through side panel. This is to take any hot air away from the back of the case. On the back of the case I have put on Electrical Conduit Tubing to keep all the cables neat and tidy and in place. I have placed a 80mm Red Fan unit just below the Blu–Ray Burner again for more cooling. This was a custom fit to be able to mount it in the case. I have taken out one of filters on the fan unit to allow more air flow through the case, thus only one being white. I have included a Photo of what it looks like with both White Filters in Place.
  6. Alot of the PARTS that I have used for this Build have been Modded in some way and not left as standard, eg. the Asus Motherboard Striker 2, I have modded Temp Probes that fit on it to measure the Northbridge and the Southbridge Temps. The wires being in the Color Red to match the inside of the case.
  7. I have cut out on the top of the case, the flat panel and replaced it with a Clear 3mm Plastic as it represents the roof of the Stadium. I have cut three lines into to the plastic so it looks like three panels and not one solid bit of plastic. The clear plastic is attached by four screws and not glued into place. I rewired the Asus Motherboard Bios Poster and put it underneath the clear Plastic as my photos shows this. You can easily see this as when it powered it has a bright blue display. The big Antec 220mm Fan, I replaced all four Blue LEDs with Red LEDs ones. The wire used was Red to bend in with the Red paint being used. I put the main sticker of Manchester United on the Fan unit, so you could see it clearly. All of the main input wires were from the front panel are all colored Red, these are the wires you see from the photo they are all underneath the clear plastic. I got a 10mm Clear thick Plastic sheet and cut to size and then Put Manchester United Sticker on it. I had drilled two holes at each end of the plastic to put 3mm Red LEDs and glued them into place. When powered up these lights are bright Red just like the Sign at the stadium.
  8. I brought 4mm and 2mm copper tubing from a Local Hobby store to make the main support beans that support the main roof at the Stadium. I had cut the tubes to size and Soldered every each one 50x off of them by using a soldering iron to give me the shape of beans that were needed for the Left and Right and the main Top beans. I am sorry but I have no photos of this as I was making the copper tubes up late in the night when my Children were a sleep in bed. I painted the copper tubing in a Grey Primer first then the Painted the main White Gloss paint as what the there are at the Stadium. I drilled the right size holes in the top cover of Case to fit the Copper Beans then glued the Copper tubes into place and filled in any holes. I have included a Photo of the Main Case Hard drive bays with the fan supplied with the case. I painted the out side of this case with a Gloss Red Paint and the inside with a Gloss White Paint. The Stadiums Main Front Entrance has big white pliers and beans on the inside with smoked Glass on the outside. I replaced all of the Antec fans with 120mm Red Fans with the outer casing being see-through with Red LED Lights. I then put MANCHESTER UNITED Stickers on the Fans, as you can see them through the Air vents on the front.
  9. I brought 1x 2GB PC6400 Kit Corsair Xpert Pro XMS2 a few years ago from the U.S, as this product could not be brought in this Country for my old build that I did. I am using this Ram in this New Build as it has a Display for the Temp, Voltage and Freq. On the front of the Stadium at OLD TRAFFORD there is a very large display to tell what events were coming up for people to see. These Displays will Represent this. I believe that this Ram is only one in the U.K. I have taken from my old Antec 900 Hundred Case the Floppy Dive Front Cover and cut it to place both of the Corsair Displays in it. I made up a cable and Conn. that connected the Sticks of Ram with the Displays, as the Displays were designed to fit on top of the sticks of Ram only. I brought a blu ray burner LG BH10LS30 for the build. I brought some Manchester United stickers from Ebay and Football stickers to place on the Back of the Drive and the Bottom where you could see it from the inside the case. I have removed from the drive all of Manufacture printed Logos as this would not look good on my Build by using a Special Rubber.
  10. For this Project I am using the Following Items , some of items are included in the photo: 1) Asus Striker 2 780, Motherboard 2) Intel Quad Core Q9550, Socket 775 3) Coolermaster V8 CPU Cooler 4) 1x Kit 2GB Corsair Xpert Pro RAM PC6400 5) 1x Kit 4GB OZ SLI RAM PC6400 6) 2x Asus NVIDIA 470GTX Graphics Cards in SLI with ZALMAN VF3000-F Heatsinks fitted. 7) Asus XONAR D2 7.1 Sound Card 3x W.D. RAPTOR 150GB Hard drives, 2x off in RAID 0 9) 1x LG Blu Ray Burner BH10LS30 10) 900X SEASONIC PSU 11) NZXT LXE TOUCH Screen External 5x Fan Controller 12) 2x 80mm Red Coolermaster Fans 13) 4x 120mm Red / Clear Fans 14) 1x 220mm Antec Fan 15) 1x Antec 902 Hundred Case
  11. I have planned this New Build around The MANCHESTER UNITED FOOTBALL STADIUM called OLD TRAFFORD, in England. I am only taking the main elements from the Stadium and not build a like for like. I am building this PC for my Young Son who is Nine, as he supports MANCHESTER UNITED and his Bedroom is painted in Manchester United Colours so this case will bend in with his bedroom. I will be doing this Case myself with no help from anyone else or any Company Sponsorship. I am using an Antec 902 Hundred Case second hand which I brought on Ebay as this Case has the best looks for what I need for the top view and the front view like the Stadium. The Main colours I am using are Gloss White being the roof and Panels, Matt Black being the front of the Stadium and Gloss Red for the inside of the Stadium where the seats are. I have included a Picture of the Stadium for people who do not know what it looks like and pictures of the PC case as it from Antec. http://www.antec.com/Believe_it/product.php?id=NzIy