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  1. any chance us that didn't get a top 3 place could see our scores atleast?
  2. just to answer a few messages that I got... That is a Mazda RX7 1982 behind the mod with Sonic the hedge hog painted on the hood Great job to everyone that entered in this years compitition... Hope to see everyone at the next one... By the way were is the next mod compitition at and how long till its dead line. I got a few more things in the works to bang out here and would like to enter them in a compitition
  3. COOLERMASTER come on already, It's May 31st..... Is it to be posted on the CM mod comp page? or are we all going to get an email?
  4. hey Frankie I think the votes are low because the pictures that you had uploaded to the vote page are not the finished product, they still have some of your work log photos up
  5. great job on this build I am amazed at the finished product. Lovin the brass inlayes
  6. This build, (hats off) you had my attention from the begining with the blue prints of what this build would intale but the end product far exceded what i thought it may end up like. Great job
  7. hey there is a tab that says tower mod and scratch mod, click the scratch build thats were you will find them
  8. all i get is mail returned emails whats going on with there mail server
  9. Well its 1:20AM andI just got the primer on the case... still Alot of work to be done. sorry for no pictures batteries dead in cam, just one problem after another. I hope to make the deadline but this one will be too close for comfort.... Thank you all who have been watching I will upload new photos when I submit my info in to the compitition for for judging... Good luck to us all.
  10. To all who that have been following my work log, I will be holding off on posting any further status on this worklog untill right before the deadline. It has come to my attention that a few other people have been using my idea's. A few bad apples will spoil the entire bunch so I am sorry to those that wanted updates and to those that were following my log for there enjoyment. more posts will be uploaded in a week or so. Thank you
  11. I like what you are doing with this project... Keep up the great work.
  12. Hey Bill you get any of that snow today... We got about 4-5" here in northern Iowa. Mod is looking good. I see you had to step it up a notch on the HDD mod. Look nice. I will be sticking with the old school Plexi 2 layer form on mine.
  13. 50 plus wires soldered together and now the front panel monitor is working again... just needed to have a new controler card and driver board installed into the monitor.
  14. Well small setback on the project... went to power on the computer the other day and the front panel monitor went to a blue hue and snap crackle pop... no more front panel monitor, good news for me though I used to work building these things so it was not too hard (2 weeks later) to find another controler board to run the monitor, yeh alot of soldering for me again, this time I will try not to fry the thing... LOL at leaste I will say it was my fault, still not sure why the board fried in the first place. But oh well the MOD must go on and well I am living up to my Modo.. Mod it till it breaks then mod it some more... Not sure I had fryin circut boards in there anywere though. So this is just an update on whats going on in the underground mod station... pics soon to come. mostly of me soldering more boards... stay tuned. Thanks for looking.