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  1. Really appreciate your comments, nothing like having your work recognized by the modder community. Thank you. And especially to PaPang, your comment was real classy. Double thanks to you.
  2. And finally the a photo from everything together Tomorrow I will take the final pics. With some "production". Any doubts, please feel free to ask.
  3. Main Tower Hdd support, in this tower there is two Hdd working in RAID 0 Support for the main board in one side and PSU and Hdd`s in the other. This is the behind view of the main board support part. (3 buttons, Power , Rest and light) This was one of the most troubling parts, a good support for the PCI peripherals
  4. Hdd tower Removable support for the Hdd`s This is my solution for connecting mutiple Sata Hdd with only one USB cable going to the Main tower. I`m using a Sata to USB adapter, a 10 port USB Hub and a second PSU for this tower( Hdds, Optical drive, fans and Cold Cathode)
  5. First , thanks for the comments. Really appreciate them And I need to sorry because I lost some photos from the *hardcore* assembling part and now there is a gap from finishing the case and joining with the hardware. But if is there ANY douts, please feel free to ask! I'll be glad to explain in details. This is the part that hold the fans, two in the Hdd tower and 4 in the main tower Assembling the Hdd`s tower. Main tower Top of Main tower Top of Hdd tower support for the top cover
  6. Updated, 04/01/2011 New updates soon!
  7. Hi all My first post here in CM Foruns, and with this my presentation. I'm a modder from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Modding is my hobby, biologist for a profession. I will start for the beggning. The first mod was totally disaster, with metal going in all directions. After this *fail* experience came the ideia of work with wood, a material that I have the tools and the knowhow. I was very happy with my second mod ( http://tiny.cc/8xrzk ) but the ideia of modding is always creat! So came my third mod, the one here in the contest. This mod is called "Two Towers" in honor to J.R.R Tolkein, but there is no relation with the book or the LOTR universe. For this mod I didin't make a lot of planing, just took my hardware to the woodwork and let the imagination flow. The closest to a projet was this flat wood The first step was to find a nice wood with paterrns and color After the first planning process Keep planning Assembling the patterns Gluing it together Cutting the edges Preparing the rails for the polycarbonate UPDATE My new aquisition just arrived, is not even close to be a TOP but is that I can afford right now. New edit's until the sunday. Work in progress, please feel free to comment.