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  1. Hi PaPang! Thank you so much
  2. I've send the message for my mod but i can't find it in the scretch build category for the voting..
  3. I can't find the last mail from the site where there is the instructions for the last step where the modders have to send images and info about the mod to the administrator (i think) please can someone send me the info in the mail here or trought PM? Thanks
  4. And now ... The Elementality Pico Mouse Initially it was like this: And had a blue LED Now it has red LED Now it is: I will mod a Cooler Master mouse The two fans used in this photo aren't from Cooler Master but will be replaced soon Thanks for watching. I will post final photos too with Cooler Master's fan instead of this. Probably it's not beautiful like other case in this forum but I like it and I'm so satisfied of it because is all made by me using only the Dremel
  5. Thank you very much. actually you are not the first to tell me, maybe some day be mass-produced: D So here it is a photo of the inside of the case, note that the fan on the heatsink will be replaced with the Cooler Master fan that i've posted some days ago. I made the bracket to close the case top. The bracket was mounted on the back of the case. and I painted the top panel like the bottom panel Here it is the case with the panel mounted, is not finished yet, details are still missing and some surprises too Unfortunately, these photos were taken with the phone, so quality is not high.
  6. Mounted I made the bracket to close the case. The bracket was mounted on the back of the case and I painted the top panel Here it is the case with the panel mounted Is not finished yet
  7. weee carissimo Wellcome! i'm glad to see you here my friend!!!
  8. Thank you so much PaPang! I'm happy to see you in my worklog. So go ahead with the mod. To cool the pc I had put fan so I created a support for the fan side: After a long search I found the buttons So I started sleeve some cables in particular and the SATA cable
  9. I will replace the fan on the heatsink with this 4mm Cooler Master fan... but i want to sleeve it first..
  10. Buona fortuna a tutti... Good luck to everyone!! I am very pleased to participate alongside many professionals
  11. Thank you FrankieNL, I'm truly honored to receive compliments from an artist like you! @Mad_Bull: grazie e ben ritrovato ok back to work now. I realized the support of the case. In this photo you see the first painting Finished Here it is in particular So I decided to mount the legs to the case, and also make the holes for the motherboard. here is the result PC installed with the base (it is very dirty, needs a wash) I made the hard disk support in plexy. I cut the plexy and I put 4 screws to secure it to 'Hard Disk. I decided not to put the HD attached to the plexy to facilitate the recycling of air In the case, the HD goes between the motherboard and the right panel pc, The fan will be replaced and sleeved
  12. After a lot of tests I was able to recreate the back cover Finished He didn't come fine but is not easy to work with the dremel on plexy and very small spaces Part of left side panel With the same method used previously I made a hole for a fan on the red plexy Finished with red plexy The right panel. compared with the first to see if they were equal the difference?.. The difference between the first and the second is made for the airflow particular: The mesh panel come from an HAF 932 5,25 bay cover after I've finished the panels i glued all: (Note the "weight battery" to keep the panel straight .... very useful to make modding the battery) I must say that despite doubts about the strength of silicon, contrary to expectations, keeps very well.