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  1. Hi guys This is not a deja-vu but is continuing the project started last year and I hope that by the end of this contest I will be able to complete it see you soon with the progress of the project ps: sorry for the bad English but is the fault of the translator
  2. thanks, yes bull is toro in italian
  3. and now I step to the realization of the mask to accommodate the buttons, cutting plexiglass, do not matter to color, the piece will be painted testing milling for bending centering for buttons bending plexiglass with a folding craft the mask is folded rounded corners
  4. glued supports on frontal mounting frontal
  5. smoked plexiglass will support the orange plexi, here you see the orange plexi and cut with rounded corners testing I cut aluminum angle to make support for the frontal
  6. this is the plexiglass latecomer, the orange is uv reactive, while the smoke is a piece of scrap preparation for cutting plexiglass after I cut round the corners testing in frontal
  7. after a long absence because of late delivery of the plexiglass, I got sick and I still have a hangover, I'll show you my latest work on the project I begin with the dismantling of the frontal cutting unnecessary parts of frontal Cardboard template
  8. joh you are great, this is a wonderful project, congratulations, I like very much
  9. little up, I remove the front completely, that I would do with the insertion of plexiglass the draft leads me to completely cut the top part of discovering the power for its entire length and dividing in two the left panel, the images are tests done with the board to take measurements and get a better view of the project that had in my head ... Well as a start I'm satisfied, I refer you now for updates next week
  10. @joh ciao joh for me it is a pleasure to see you again @FrenkieNL I start very soon with cuts
  11. Hi guys I am form Italy and this is my first international competition that I participated, and my second mod ever. I present the project "frattura" (do not ask why the name, I came this way). I have failed to remedy a case cooler master elite 335 from a friend of mine who works in a shop but the 335 has much of a problem, it's good that I have to give me. this is the case and this is a problem Despite missing the right panel and also the front panel usb, but I do not despair, I had a small project for the head but the problem did not make me change radically the original draft however, now start with the work
  12. great work I follow with great interest joh