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  1. Unfortunately time and money caught up with me on this mod. After several failures of hardware, it now runs stably 24/7 with a production rate of 28000ppd in Folding@Home. At some point I will have to mod the case, but for now, it does its job and looks good doing it. And the final photo
  2. I just purchased the new CoolerMaster Seidon 120M water cooler. I needed to cool my cpu down as I am folding@home on the cpu as well as the gpu 24/7 and the other cooler just couldn't keep up. When I got it all assembled, it didn't fit?! The AM3 socket cpu hold down screws were too short and the springs were too stiff. I looked at it a million ways and came to the same conclusion every time. It just didn't fit the socket I had. Of course, that may be a set back, but I wasn't sending it back, I was gonna mod it to work. First thing I did was cut the original springs off and replace them with shorter ones. The screws still couldn't reach the socket. Then I tried it bolted down with no springs. It worked, but it wasn't tight enough as I was hitting 60 C at 100% load on 4 cores. I placed some washers under the screws and that would do it. 47C at full load with stock 3.4 clocks. Not too bad now. Once I got the socket mount sorted out, I moved on to the fans. My push-pull set up with the red led fans were not pushing enough air. I switched back to the single, stock CoolerMaster fan and it does well at cooling. Next up, new 120mm LED fans that run at a higher rpm. Sorry for the crummy pics, I will post better photos when I get some more time. By the way, this machine is folding 29000 points daily at all stock clocks.
  3. I want to hide more of the wires, but the vga powersupply has to connect to the vid card somehow. I guess I could use black mesh instead of red, but I kinda like the red. Bah!
  4. Its 4:36 in the morning! Making time like I said I would right? Okay here we go. I blocked off the bottom holes from removing the grille and the back of the optical drive bays with black foam core. Sure I could use aluminum, but this is cheaper, easier to cut and even lighter. It looks good too. I did add an aluminum angle bar to the edge to make it look at home though. Clean look. Anyway, here are three pics of that work and one pic of the little fan I got to cool the mosfets. Ah, you're right I am missing the photo from the bottom area. Later I guess.
  5. I am so busy I barely have time to write this. The mod is nearly done...except for some new high performance coolers and I have much more to say. Stay tuned I will write something, I promise! -maestro from JAllen Labs
  6. I added a Folding@Home logo on my heatsink fan grill.
  7. The graphics card temperatures were quite high and I needed to get them down to a usable level (they were 80 C). To start I removed the heatsink and cleaned up the card. Next I replaced the tim with Arctic Silver 5. Now temps are around 74 C after the tim set itself for a few days at 100% load.
  8. Here is a pic of the fans running. I could not wait to see them glow.
  9. I sleeved a lot of cables for this mod. The five case fans, motherboard fan, the usb, firewire, mic, headphone, power, reset, leds, and any other wires I could find, lol. Gotta say that although I like the look, I hate sleeving cables. Here are some pics.
  10. I added Apevia 120mm LLED fans to the back, top and two at the bottom (Ill load the photo for the bottom fans later).
  11. Next up I added an image of the fire skull to the hard disk. I installed Windows 8 preview and folding@home on that disk. I put in a second disk that had my previous image of Windows 7 (that hard disk eventually took a dump too). For cables I used some sata cables from a Powermac G5.
  12. I began with the hard drive cage. I removed the metal mesh pieces and added a 120mm red Apevia LED fan with some rubber fan attachments (the included pins would not fit the new fans). I also had my Fatal1ty motherboard fail during this time (it had been folding for a year or more 24/7). Nothing to do but sell off my Core2Duo, the memory, video cards and use a motherboard/cpu/memory I already had. It was also a great time to upgrade the gpu to a 460gtx which I will get to a bit later. In went a (not red) ASRock 970fx, a 965be and 8GB or memory (also not red, damn!).
  13. Really, I rarely see the cases out in the wild. I feel really lucky to have found one on eBay for CHEAP. Anyway, I have been working on it for a while now, I just haven't found time to post yet. Lets get this ball rollin! Since I haven't done this for a while, this is a test to see if the images work. Its also a view of the case. Its so impressive as the finish is second to none. -maestro
  14. Here is a list of specs now that I have ordered all of the parts... Phenom II 965BE ASRock Deluxe 4 Adata Extreme 8GB EVGA GTX460 Superclocked Rosewill PCIE wifi adapter OCZ Fatal1ty 400w psu and FSP 450w supplemental psu CoolerMaster Gemini II heatsink CoolerMaster CSX Stacker Apevia 120mm fans
  15. Hello, My name is Jason Schrader and this is my entry for the 2012 Mod competition. I am an art teacher and I also own/operate JAllen Labs. I am from the midwest USA. I have been building/modding computers for about ten years. This machine is intended for Folding@home which I have been participating in for about 8 years. It will fold on both smp and gpu. It was time for me to update one of my folidng rigs. For this mod I decided against painting the outside and going for something that's already painted. I was looking for a CSX case on eBay for about a year. Some came and went and then I found exactly what I was looking for...a Cooler Master CSX Flaming Skulls number 47 out of 400. Its brand new although it has some very small scuffs and scratches that can be buffed out. Here is a sneak peek at the front of the case.