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  1. Yet another update. After this update i will have uploaded all my progress so far. Side door hinges Side door lock Holes for power switches Holes for cabels A well deserved break. Highly recomend this whiskey. Trying to even out the edges Wood sealer After sanding all the edges And on with some paint. Think i forgot to take som more pictures during painting Paint paint paint... Paint paint paint... Paint paint paint... Paint paint paint... Paint paint paint... Paint paint paint... Almost done with the outside Fitting som leds in the front under the fan Closeup of leds Just some cabels... Testing all the fans and led I dont think that the users guide says its okay to short out your power supply But it works. Now im gonna slaughter my old server chassis and steal its mb tray....
  2. @DaveM Thanx man, really apressiate the encouragement. Im not saying im a bad modder or anything like that, im just saying im not a pro like so many other guys here (real artists and real engeneers). But then, im just getting started... I got two more ideas for crazy builds later on.... So ill keep modding and ill keep getting better at it. And im allready becoming proud of my build Its gonna be the best server chassis i can think of. //LaBe
  3. Have a couple of minutes now, so here are som more photos. Asphalt rubber, for stopping any vibrations Testing with side, dust filters and start button Start button and leds Adding wood to distance the fans from the front of the chassis Have added some sound insulation foam, and also some paint on the wood Here you can also se the wood in witch the mb tray will sit. I will make sense when i start adding components to the computer Creating a hdd rack Hdd rack fits really good I Have a couple of more photos that i will upload shortly. But thats it for now.
  4. Just wanted to say great work everyone. All the cases look amasing! It actually feels really fun being in this competition. I know that i dont stand a chance, but its totally okay with me //LaBe
  5. Okey as promised here are the first pictures. Materials i have been using. Foam for sound insulation Door hinges and a lock Misc I had the wood cut to correct size when i bought it. Fits really good. Gluing and screwing it together Reallt sturdy... could probably use it as a chair Fitting the side Making holes for fans. Using the wrong tools.... Not as sturdy anymore One side is in place Will update with more pictures soon... I have a lot more ready.
  6. Hello everybody! I thought I would enter into this contest. The first thing I thought was that there weren´t so many that I would compete against. Especially when most people seemed to mod a chassis instead of building one from scratch. However, I found that I could not have been more wrong. I've been looking in the forums now for a while and realize that I'm totally screwed in this competition. But maybe I can learn something and I could probably use the comments and suggestions on what I do. I am building my chassis in wood, namely glued laminated timber (I think it´s called) of pine and the primary aim of my chassis is to create an as quiet a chassis as possible with simple means and a very limited budget. I have already realized the many substantial errors I made in the meantime. But above all, I probably would not build a chassis of real wood again. I am a regular guy from Sweden without any training or relevant to the topic. However, I have been a computer geek most of my life and I have quite often have a bit more original ideas that I want to test. Besides, I have wanted to design and build my own chassis for a long time now. The computer that will sit in the chassis is an old AMD Athlon 3200 + CPU with 2GB RAM. The case will be for a headless server that, among other things, will act as a file server to the home network. The design of the chassis I am building comes from my ideas of how to make it as silent as possible rather than anything else. So the design is from the function. However, I hope it can eventually become neat and stylish. I have been working for a couple of weeks now, and will update with pictures shortly.