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  1. the case was already painted but need to retouch the paint because of some scratches after wet sanding
  2. here it is and as you can see some of the paints strips off but it can be fix easily next i painted the odd bay plus the hdd rack and twist the hdd rack to hide its cable and also the mesh that comes from the side panel, i cut it and place it to the odd bay if ever i want to add a fan and also for cable cabinet as well ( double purpose ) i made some concealer for the odd bay and hdd rack made out of clear acrylic ( by the way i found the acrylic in the trash and make it useful in my project ) this is where the acrylic fits in test fitting the hinges not final yet video card casing to make it looks like a very long card ( but it doesn't LOL )
  3. to continue my worklog i use aluminum angle bar to support my door hinges measuring and drill a hole for some screw to fit in drilling.. Ill post what it looks like later because its getting dark lol
  4. thanks papang, progress is still ongoing just brainstorming for the designs revision..
  5. whew what a worklog im sure thats really tiring mod but it pay offs man.its remarkable truly fine craftsmanship.
  6. Wow things are getting better and better for every case you modify and its simply unexplainable work of art. You got many filipino modders here in our country that really inspire to all of your work. More power Bill and to