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  1. Hi there PaPang!

    Thank you for your wishes :)

    I've already cut the Al lamels, and blended them. Sunday I'll load up photos from them, I borrow a normal camera for this project from a friend.

    I've finished with disassembling the psu, it's cabels are ready to be sleeved, but I'll have to wait for my 3/8" red sleeves. It was quite a challenge to do it without the proper tool, but with 1,5 hour of work I succeeded :)


  2. Hi there everyone!!

    I'm gonna build a pc case from aluminium, but not the ordinary way.

    My plan was to create a case using aluminium lamels. To tell you the truth, the original plan was to create a water cooling unit, where the case it self would have been the radiator, but I've no sponsor for that, so I remain low budget, approximately 150$

    The main desing path was the shapes. No curve, just edges, and bends.

    I wanted to have a huge space, this case isn't designed for only one configuration, no. It's for any kind of content. That's why it's diameters are 500x300x800 (L W H)

    The cooling is cardinal. Also the silence. I'll get both done.

    2 Cooler Master Megaflow 200 red on the bottom.

    2 Cooler Master Case Fan 12cm R4-L2R-20AG-R2 LED Red Sickleflow on the top.

    Modified FPS PSU, Cooler Master Fan inside

    Every fan will be controlled

    Let the pictures speak for themselves.