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  1. Day 8: 2012-11-27 / Task: To de removing default fan grills I removed all the case fan's safety grilles to improve airflow. The same will happen to the PSU. There will be only the dust filter in the way of fresh air. Day 9: 2011-11-28 / Task: SSD mounting frame I'll use two of 90Gb SSDs for this build and I made a mounting frame for them. I used 1,5mm thick aluminum sheets. After some precise cuts I folded them to perfectly match from the mainboard-tray to the front of the case. I didn't make the finished item yet but here are some photos of the process;
  2. -WORKFLOW- Sadly I was delayed with the building because many reasons. I had an idea to use an aluminum frame to the plexiglas on the sidpanel - this idea inspired by the Battlefield 3 themed Case by Bill Owen. After the exact measurements I've got some help from my friend to create 3D drawings about the frame then we sent them to CNC Millers, Laser Cutters etc to get prices (I don't have the equipment to create things as easy like these machines do). After a couple of weeks of 'hunting' I ain't got no reply from bunch of them. If they wrote they said no because my little order. If they wrote yes the price was too d@mn high. So I paused the project a little bit to rest it out, then I had the idea to drop the aluminum and use plexiglass instead of. I find a business in a blink of an eye who can laser-cut the two frames. Yes it is escalated to two different pieces - one for the sidepanel and one for the front. Both of the frames needs more work after the lasercutting but I'll wrote about their process soon. Day 1: 2012-11-12 / Task: Double fan grille On the first day I started with the big fangrille for two 120 mm fans. The factory default Silencio 550's front is covered and has lower airflow on its front so I decided to let the interiors breathe - throught the front-door. A big hole isn't enough so one of the plexiglass frames wil go here merged with the fan grille. The grille was cutted from 0,5 mm steel sheet what used to be a casing of an old PC. Recycling is the best For the pinpoint accurate cuttings I applied a masking vinyl to aim then after many hours I entertrain myself with the song of my Dremel. The shape is not a simple one so after rough cuts I filed the details with filers through hours and hours. Day 2: 2012-11-13 / Task: Double fan grille pt.2 Day 3: 2012-11-14 / Task: Double fan grille pt.3 Day 4: 2012-11-16 / Task: Double fan grille pt.4 Success! I didn't ever think about to how many hours will need to create this grille. A few days and around 25 work hours but I think it worth it. Hope You guys think the same Day 5: 2012-11-20 / Task: Working on the front plexi-frame After finishing the fangrille I jump to the frame I wrote before. This will be around the great-hole on the front. To install the way I want I needed to work on it. The milling needs special bits for my Dremel so I got supported by Dremel with these special bits. For fixing the multitool I used a vertical stand then with a wooden piece I can move my fram under the miller to get straight lines. The same day I began to do the airflow hole on the front door so watch the photos for details Day 6: 2012-11-22 / Task: Working on the front plexi-frame pt.2 I did the finings with filers on the hole to get perfect size to fit the plexi-frame. I drilled the holes for mounting but when I saw my bad - unfortunately I forgot to calculate with the hinges. One of them is in the way so I cut a little area out to get the steel grill to its place. It wasnt enough so I chipped a little piece out of the grille too. PERFECT. Everything fits. I begin to draw the exact place of the sidepanel frame but it gets too late so the cutting will be on the next day's task. Day 7: 2012-11-23 / Task: Sidepanel fun I done the remaining work with the sidepanel. I cutted out the selected area then I tried the frame to its place with HEX bolts to have a look. These frames will not be this clear - transparent. They will get nice Orange paintwork and the bolts will be blacks. Im on to get the plexiglass to the sidepanel window but I can't choose - Clear or Darkened... Oh BTW before the cutting I removed the factory default noise isolating foamy - It will be useful when the time has come.
  3. Welcome Everyone! I am very happy to see this great contest will be in thes year too. I just started a modding project on a Silencio 550 so its exactly my time to apply. In a few lines my project is inspired by Ken Blocks famous Ford Fiesta from the video. In my plans it will not radically modded on its outer shape but on its paintwork and will be added nice little details. The color-scheme will be black, white and orange. Thats it for now. As I wrote I just started to build the project so as soon as I do the project I'll write updates to my worklog.
  4. ÄaneTTe - Thanks! The power switch is located in the little sweetie in front of the house. When you push the jelly the system starts
  5. PaPang, rikaldrey - So tasty so tasty! (I can write the recipe if you want cooking) BTW my profession is gardener and the cooking is just a hobby but I loved the "pastry chef" title. Thanks for your comments! (I have an eye on the ants)
  6. pimpachu - Yes you are right! As you wrote. BTW all the openings (e.g. windows and doors) has the hot airflow and the yummi gingerbread smell in the air
  7. Pobbrett - I am totally agree with you but this pc-case build (almost) for the contest not for a lifetime (few years) and the configuration inside is low-slow enough so its not really a heatgun Mpovh - Thank you for your interest! I am very appreciated for it.
  8. Welcome Everyone!! I am Moddingboy from Hungary. Last year's and there was the Budapest Gameshow 2010 in Hungary where there was a little pc-modding competition called Mod-tech Hall (MTH). I made the case for this competition what I show you now. Configuration: Motherboard - ABIT IC7 Processor - Intel Pentium 3.0Ghz Memory - Samsung 2x1Gb 400Mhz Graphic card - Inno 3D 6800GT 256Mb (with CoolerMaster cooling) Power Supply - CoolerMaster 400W (not remember the exact time, it was a long long time ago) The original Blog: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Short video demo(from 06:30): Why is gingerbread? I'd like to build a case but my budget was so low so I found a cheaper material coz I would like to made an entry for the MTH. The idea was born in an afternoon cooking. This cookie/cake is solid enough and last for a long time and was used to create lil houses for gifts. So I have an idea to put an entire PC to this house. As you can see I tried and I hope you like it. When the PC was ON it had a mesmerizing smell. It's not a high-end PC but this mod was made from low budget and its an evidence for how-to create something unusual from cheapness. "Smells like... omnom nom..." --- BTW: The mod was at WIP~90% at the contest because the deadline so it was missing some elements but here are the missing pieces and you can see the final process. Unfortunately the photos can't show you all the details but if you can see close enough you find smoke from the chimney. Thats not the burning CPU smoke ( ) of course there was incense sticks in the house's backside boiler-room. It was very charming at Christmas while smoking near the xmas tree. I don't write the small details step-by-step because the photos tells instead of me. Ask me your questions! Comments and Critics are very welcome. Thanks for read my worklog!