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  1. Ok so some over due pics coming your way!! EK was kind enough to send some stuff for this build here's some pics.... LOL Board before blocks Motherboard blocks installed On with some of the modding. Here's a couple pics of some of the mods I did to add better cable management since this case was seriously lacking in that department. First off I finished up the front piece and re-did the fan shroud for the floor. And I added a little notch here on the shroud for the slide in mobo tray. U can also see where I marked the mobo tray for cutting. Here I'm adding a cover for the 5.25 bays. You'll see more in later pics. This shows a little of the reason why. I cut away all the bay mounts on the front side. Here I am gonna add a plate to hold the E22 res and also use for routing wires. Tapped some holes to hold the res bracket. better look at the plate for the 5.25. Still needs a few holes. Wire management holes on back of the 5.25 since there is no room behind mobo or anywhere else. Just for kicks I added a 5.25 on the mobo tray for my CM Hybrid controller. Last but not least all the parts ready for powder coating. Also in this pic u may get an idea what will be on that plate that covers all the holes on the 5.25 bays. Thanks for looking. I'll be back soon with more. Until then.....
  2. Ok so how about some more pics! First on the agenda was the floor. Need to make room for 480mm rad.... More to come since this pc is almost done. Just didn't have time to post pics. So bare with all the pics and quick updates.
  3. Hello everybody! so I started this mod a few weeks ago but have been busy so haven't got any pics uploaded yet. The case will be the Cooler Master CSX Stacker :) Raiser edition painted by Smooth Creations. I will be doing some mods to the inside of the case to house a 480 rad and a 240 rad. I will also be doing a few other things that I'll show later. So far the parts are as follows: CM Stacker Asus Maximus V Formula Asus AMD Radeon 7970 Intel i7 3770K Adata SP900 128gb SSD's in Raid 0 Adata XPG 2133mhz 32gb Cooler Master Hybrid 1300watt Lepa 120mm Chopper fans E22 Res and fittings And a bunch of EK stuff Some sponsors were kind enough to join in: not using the Avexir ram after all. Thats it for now I'll post some pics morrow....
  4. So here we go! I need to get this log caught up so here's some pics...... Time for some hardware... Thats all for now....................
  5. OK so I'm trying to catch up on pics and worklogs so bare with me. So Gigabyte asked me to do a mod for them to have as a demo at CES. All simple mods, big window, bracket in the front for 360 rad, some powder coating and some paint......... enjoy the pics. I'll be watercooling the cpu on this setup and Koolance has provided some cool gear for that. More on the parts later. Here's some pics... I cut the door as soon as I got the case and here's how it will look... back from powder.... Back form the paint shop and we have clear coat now.... Ok so time to make a 360mm rad bracket. I already thought this out prior and planned on using the pre-existing screw holes CM provided... some hardware porn........ Enermax joined the party! some more assembly Mayhems to the rescue!!!!!!!!!!! BTW 2 x Gigabyte GTX680's Gigabyte's CES mods that were demo's in their suite.... Thats it for now, I'll post more pics when I rework this for me.... Until then....................................
  6. OK so I made a few changes for the CES show. I think I forgot to share the pic of me taking the regular tubing out right after I drained it so I'll start with that and then on the Chromed copper tubing............ All done with the assembly here's a couple more pics and then I'll have to round up some CES pics. More pics soon......... Until then.... Thanks for looking.
  7. Thanks Brian! First Off good luck to all!! There is a lot of outstanding mods and talent in this contest! Ok so here is some finished pics. First The sleeving. I also changed the PCI-E cables to have each cable split into 2 6 pin cable about 5 inches from psu.... Some pics of the finished mod "UnKnown" Thanks for looking at my log. Until next time.....
  8. Thank you guys! I'm glad I changed it also FrozenSnail! I'm really digging this copper tubing and it wasn't that hard just a lot of thinking and planning to get it where it is. Thanks again guys!! More pics soon running out of time.
  9. Thanks guys! Alright so I made a few changes to this mod. As you will see I decided to take out the sub-floor. I think it was a fare trade! I have been doing some reading about running copper tubing and finally made the plunge. I pick up a few tools and some 12mm copper tube to start playing with and decided to go for it. Here's some pics. I picked up a two handle pipe bender, a cutter and used my trusty MNPCTECH mod ruler to get accurate measurements.... While I had the board out I went ahead and took a couple more pics of the FrozenQ prototype waterblock... And here's how it came out... I also started on the psu..... Thats it for now. Thanks for looking. More to come. Until then......
  10. Here's some pics of the front. I'll be adding a window for the Intel 335 SSD ( which looks a little plain so I may have to give it a facelift! ) in the old hotswap and cutting away the plastic behind the front grill. I also got a package from PPCS they sponsored the EVGA waterblocks for me! They are the best!!! Here's some pics.... Here's all my parts from the HAF XB and Stryker headed for powder coating... That's it for now. I'll have some more pics when the parts come back. Until then....
  11. Hi everybody! I'm starting a mod for CM to have on display at CES next year or couple months actually. This is with their new lanbox the HAF XB. I'll update the hardware list once I have the specs. Here's some pics.... I was able to get Swiftech to sponsor this build. I'm pretty excited about that. Here's some of the parts they sent.... Intel was kind enough to sponsor a board, cpu and SSD.... So right away I tore into the case, so no before pics. Sorry. Here's the plan all three panels will have windows. I'll be having the case either painted or powder coated Intel blue, white and black. On with some more pics.... Holes drilled for Rad on the floor and all my panels are cut... Thats it for now stay tuned for next update. Until then..............
  12. Ok so I have some more pics. I got this mod up and running for Sacramento Lanfest so I could show Evga what they got involved in. So this is most likely going to be reworked because I'm not too sure I am happy with it. Anyways on with the pics.......... I had some logos done. Karl Maser does excellent work! And what is a mod without the best from Nils!! For kicks I took it out for some sun and you can see the graphics better. That's it for now will be back soon if I decide to make some changes. Until then............
  13. This looks SICK bro! Nice work!