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  1. a new concept of case this type mod. is not so much the harvard Property search functionality and aesthetic parts expect progress
  2. these are some of the pieces that have the mod and one of the principal as this is reciclage mod is this
  3. the beetle: a modding project green recycling shaping components and other case EXPECT MORE PROGRESS
  4. the big bomb is my project in this competition and I hope you like it as much as you imagine. expect progress la gran bomba es mi proyecto en este concurso y espero que les guste tanto como lo imagino. esperen avances
  5. well this project annum as cao because thanks to cooler master their efacciones are the alcanse of all, the 2 front cost me only $ 10 dolaes and 4 fan only about $ 45 dolaes that were you to bid on my distibudor pc Dijital pasta and painting exceeded $ 32 dolaes and extras for a total of 135 dollars more or less beforehand was very hard and stressful for the short time and others that I came along the way but finished thank god and my friends mean very supportive of modding without you could not do anything a million thanks
  6. good putting the finishing touches. this is my finished project
  7. This was an idea I came up with a rope light that I found and really hope I did very original, which take into account
  8. I hope to finish well. because my work did not leave much time we these were some cuts to the side panels of the tower
  9. como digeran en mi ancho nomas me faltan las piernitas y el trasero para acavarlo
  10. good and we apologize for the delay but I'm back The following are images that will see the modification to be iso to a cooler master d front cover was increased by 14 cm to the height of a full tower
  11. this is part of what today is forward motion