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  1. Great Log you have going on here. Beautiful pic's!!! :D White is a a little on the tough side

    to keep clean but seeing full- white case with all the trimmings 'White'!!! Well, damn; You have one clean case..

    Either way Great Idea. Can't wait to see more of your mod to emerge... I also agree with your thoughts on a

    'Work Log': ( work log is just as important as the final piece)'Detail of your work in good fashion' just make's for a

    better project all around.. MulleEng, Looking forward to see the progress on your mod..... :cheers: Good Luck Sir!!! :D

  2. Hi all. This year is my first year entering this contest. I've been watching this contest from a far, for the past 2 years and all I have to say

    is WOW.. The professionals that have entered in the past are just amazing builders & modders. It's my honor to be among so

    many great modders. Anyway, I will be posting my work-log with in a weeks time.. I'm in the process of getting all my materiel together for my

    mod. 'Hats' off to all the professionals. Good Luck to everyone!!!