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  1. Great Log you have going on here. Beautiful pic's!!! White is a a little on the tough side to keep clean but seeing full- white case with all the trimmings 'White'!!! Well, damn; You have one clean case.. Either way Great Idea. Can't wait to see more of your mod to emerge... I also agree with your thoughts on a 'Work Log': ( work log is just as important as the final piece)'Detail of your work in good fashion' just make's for a better project all around.. MulleEng, Looking forward to see the progress on your mod..... Good Luck Sir!!!
  2. Brother, are you kidding.... Boring us... <<< we are all like; 'WOW' Great Mod!!!!! Please, when you get pic's...Post them... Love your Idea's!!!!!
  3. Wow.. Great Idea!!! Can't wait to see up dates on this case!!! Thanks
  4. Bill, you always amazing people. Can't wait to see up-dates to your: _________RESURREKTION________
  5. Hi all. This year is my first year entering this contest. I've been watching this contest from a far, for the past 2 years and all I have to say is WOW.. The professionals that have entered in the past are just amazing builders & modders. It's my honor to be among so many great modders. Anyway, I will be posting my work-log with in a weeks time.. I'm in the process of getting all my materiel together for my mod. 'Hats' off to all the professionals. Good Luck to everyone!!!