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  1. Will do folks, I think I'll stick with the stock approach for now since the idea of blowing in exhaust air from the PSU seems like a bad one. Honestly I don't think it's going to make too much of a difference either way but it'll give me something to fiddle with when I'm bored. Thanks for the thoughts
  2. So I am one of the apparently few happy users of a watercooled system using 2 Aquagates to cool my CPU and Videocard respectively. My new case though not a Coolermaster one, will be using some silent Coolermaster fans with a Aerogate to control noise. There are 2 fans in the case one large 120mm on the rear and one 80mm side case fan with a heating duct over where the CU will be. Obviusly the heating duck is of marginal value since I watercool, but my question is how should I set up the case fans? Should the big 120mm fan be reversed to suck air in to cool my Northbridge ad hardrives etc and the 80mm blow air out or should I set it up as stock with the 120mm fan blowing air out and the 80mm blowing air in? Thanks for your thoughts!