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  1. So I guess I got it finished and as promised I would show you the end result. I won't go in to detail to much since the competition is over anyway. Nevertheless If you have any questions or want to have a detailed photo of something, give me a sign. Perhaps one more thing for to the more experienced modders, could anyone tell me how to get my tubes completely straight and how to get the air bubbles lose from the side of my reservoir? Hoping to get an answer on this. The inside of the case before the watercooling is installed Following some pictures of the finished case
  2. I gues it's quite clear now that I didn't finish on time. But as promised the work log will go on. This post contains some progress on part and also results of an integration test. Working on the back panel to hide the cables Making a hard drive bay that can slide in and stays put just with friction These are images with al parts integrated, these gave me my first design flaw. My sata cables are to short, I will have to get some of 60cm instead of 50 I don't know if it is realy visible but this is my second design "flaw" A mugen doesn't fit in the case, lucky me I'm going with water cooling Here is an image that gave light to a third design flaw, I didn't leave sufficient room between the metal backplate and the side of the case. This means I will have to reduce the thickness of my sidepanel to half of what was intended. This isn't a realy issue but it will cost me a lot of time After the integration test I made a few more holes in the backplate and then spray painted all the metal parts. Of that I don't have pictures but of the next step where I glued the final side to the case I do, and here it is. This weekend I will be sanding down all the edges and then milling of all the corners with a nice arc (at least that is the plan, lets hope I find the time). When the milling is done I will try to get an update online ASAP. Greets
  3. Today I did quite a bit of work bit visually it looks like I did nothing, quite frustrating that is. I finished the mounting plate for the motherboard and also glued in a part to support the pump and harddrives. Now I just started on my "hidden" locks for the side panels. I will use magnets with metal sliders that I can manipulate from the back of the case to lock the panels or release them. Ik ben blij dat dit dan toch niet een volledige teleurstelling is voor jou
  4. Nice one, I especially like the build in screen.
  5. Thanks guys, I just hope I 'll finish in time. Nevertheless I 'll update this log till the end
  6. Hey all Unfortunately for me I wasn't able to spend as much time on this mod as expected. But after a long time, here is the promised update. Here you have the first side and side panel already half way in The two sides with panels going in completely The top of the case Working on the back plate Her the back plate finished (not the actual PSU I am going to use but good enough for a model) A part of the bottom A part of the front Working on the arc for the bottom Putting the front and bottom together with glue Making the negative mold for the "chapel" for the watercooling reservoir After this I tried to make the "chapel" with polyester but that failed miserably since the polyester glue ate my mold. So I had to make it in wood. This set me back a few hours but here is the result Here I have the first side glued to the rest Since the holders for the reservoir are huge, ugly and don't fit my design I had to foresee a different way of mounting it Here you can see it mounted in the front. About the tube connection thingy, Yes I know it is in the middle but I still have to receive a few converter pieces to get it right In the mean while I am already working on the plate to mount the motherboard on, but I don't have pictures of it
  7. Best build I have seen so far Since it is looking like it more and more I want finish on time, you still might have my vote as said before Greets
  8. I 'm liking your build so far but for me giving the inside some colour would make it that much more professional. Keep up the good work
  9. Art is indeed the correct word for it. Since the paint job isn't really my thing I can't give it a full score. So lets keep it on a 9.5/10. Great job man
  10. Nice progress, I still like it so far. Got you get some pic's in the next update that shows how/what tools you us to make the parts, or is this a trade secret Greets
  11. Well it took me a while but I 'm back. Sorry to disappoint you but I still need to discover my abilities on case modding. Next to that I want this case to be a functional thing that will have its place at my desk for several years. No to start the work log. This is the wood I am going to be using for this case I started on the sides of the case, In this pic you can see that I am cutting the hole for the door panel with a jigsaw. After sanding it down you get this I figured out that it was going to take me to much sanding if I kept working like this so this is the new approach More updates will follow shortly
  12. Wow, I believe this is one of the best design's I have seen so far (towards my taste). If you 'd manage to actually do a qualitative build of this and I weren't in the contest myself, you 'd probably have my vote In other words, I 'll follow your build up close.
  13. I'd go for behind and raised. It just look better