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  1. 7 April 2011 Sorry for late updating. Quite busy with campus assignments. This are the few things i did on 7 April. I cut the top panel which can fit 2 fans. Besides that, i spray the casing! Will paint the side casing next week! I spray 2 layers of black paint and 1 layer of transparent paint. The effect is fantastic. The last picture are the secret weapon for my mod. Will upload more pictures next week. Will finish it before May. Please do follow me up and vote for me!
  2. 6 April 2011 i got my new cutting disc today. will start to cut the this weekend. ftw.
  3. 26 March - 4 April - waiting for the cutting disc to arrive. =( delay whole week - Designing the side panel thing and take it to workshop. Will upload it soon!
  4. Hi, this is my first time to join this worldwide competition. Anyway, i will like to share how i mod my case.Will start working it out on this saturday! Casing use: CM690 Age : 2 years Code Name : Lava XIII Stay tuned! 25 March 2011 sorry man, fever for few days. just recover. here is the update. 26 Mach 2011 3 April 2011